Ultimate Warrior Claims He & The British Bulldog Were Fired From WWE Over Drug Tests Failures That Never Occurred

- Mister Saint Laurent reporting:

In part 1 of his MLW Radio appearance, which is available right now on MLW.com, The Ultimate Warrior spoke about Vince McMahon firing him and the British Bulldog during the federal steroid investigation. Warrior claimed they were fired for drug test failures that never actually occurred.

"Vince was feeling the heat from the federal investigation in what ultimately became an indictment over the steroid thing. It's another one of those instances where he did what he had to do to protect his foremost interest, which was himself and his business. He made the claim that me and Davey Boy, Davey Boy got let go at the same time, that we had violated the drug policy at the time, which wasn't true."

"We deposed Dr. Di Pasquale, who was in charge [of the drug policy]. We went to Canada and deposed him as part of the litigation and he said it wasn't true. He was the guy that had the absolute authority in the program to decide who should be let go or if there was a different way of evaluating something. If they saw something on a wellness program test or something, it was up to him. He said he was totally shocked and surprised when Vince let me go and fired me. He never got a reason."

Part 2 of The Ultimate Warrior on MLW Radio with Mister Saint Laurent will be available this Thursday on MLW.com, iTunes and syndicated by Stitcher.com.

  • Philip Thompson

    Both of them clearly used steroids, so test failures wouldn't surprise me. I don't trust anything Warrior says – the Summerslam incident made me lose all respect for him. He claims he was closer to the McMahon family than any other wrestler but I find that extremely hard to believe. Warrior has no credibility.

    • And1

      Are you serious? British Bulldog & Warrior did steroids? LOL News flash! Everyone did steroids back then. Jealousy can be a harsh thing.

      Warrior was the only wrestler not to suck up to Vince's a$$. I applaud him for standing up for himself. He may not know how to wrestle, like most of the wrestlers these days. But the dude was the posterboy of wrestling. His physique, the way he talks, his personality… it has wrestling written all over it. He's a real legend.

  • Yousef

    When is this guy gonna shut up?

    • Mr Finch

      Why the f should he? He knows more about the business than retards like you!

  • BigMike

    WTFE we all know both u and Davey were Roid heads, it was one of the things that made Davey's marraige fall apart and ultimately killed him and ur still here but it just made u delusional and psychotic

    • Mr Finch

      Hardly little man. Don't know if you've seen him recently but he's still as huge as ever, perhaps bigger. No steroids in sight. Delusional and Psychotic? Some people just cant take the truth so blame the messanger.

      • KissMyA__

        People are stupid these days. They forgot that steroids was taken by most athletes back then, and probably all the wrestlers. Yet I don't see them having awesome physique like the Warrior. Their jealous that Warrior didn't suck up to Vince like most wrestlers do.

  • Robert olley

    I doubt vince fired 2 of his most popular wrestlers on false allegations if it was to get the investigation to die down a bit he would have fired some of his less popular wrestlers and there was plenty in 92

  • steve2

    Warrior's strength didn't come from steroids! It came from the fans.
    and crack.

    • john

      who cares wrestling is fake and most if not all probably uses some sort of steroid

  • Jonboy83

    They wer ALL on steriods !!! its wat big guys did back then and still do now…its just that theyve found ways of making legal and with less side effects duhhhhhh !!! If you look at early pics of Vince and then only a couple of years later ???? you think he wasnt on them aswell????

  • Jonboy83

    They wer all on steriods and probably still are!!! all big guys or pro wrestlers dabbled in steds. Hogan has admitted it too. Back then steds wer a in fashion thing i think but wer illegal…now they make steds that are legal or are of weaker substance. You think Vince never took steds…even he has admitted to doing them. If u didnt do steds back then ….then u wer probably treated like an outsider and didnt make the cut. Warior is a bit nutts but after years of listening to them all dribble on iv come to the opinion that ALL wrestlers are self driven in a very selfish driven industry and do wateva they have to do….to remain on top.

  • Winkster

    In Bret harts own book states that davey took drugs n also says warrior was a jackass

    • Whoooooa!

      what can you say.lol Warrior was your typical wrestler. Personalities like the Warrior's are missing these days in wrestling. The wrestling that I new was not about talking intelligent, or making drama, or acting like sissies. Wreslters were roid ragers man!l

  • Kevin

    It's real simple: Vince believes his wrestlers should be muscled. He believes the muscles on his wrestlers should have muscles. They use steroids (or something similar) to get that appearance. If you don't bulk up, you don't work for Vince. After the feds got involved, Vince didn't end the steroid use; he simply found a way to skirt the law. I don't believe for one second that The British Bulldog or The Warrior were roid free. I think they got fired because Vince had to make himself look tough in front of Congress. I think they legitimately failed the wellness check, and Vince fired them (even though they were 2 of his hottest commodities) in order to make himself look better. He weighed the pros and cons and decided that firing them was the best thing for him and his company. With Vince, it's always business first. If he studied all the facts and came to the conclusion that the business would be better off with him (Vince) completely out of the picture, he'd fire himself. That's just who he is.

  • Jim

    Warrior getting fired couldn't possibly have anything to do with him holding the company up for a million bucks or he wouldn't perform at a major ppv. This dude is full of excuses.

    • Simon

      That was money he was owed from Wrestlemania 7. If your boss owed you That much what would you do?..be a stooge and go along with what he's saying or take him to task!

      • wrestlechick

        Umm…if my boss told me to do something, I would do it. Why? Because IT’S MY JOB! Warrior has blown his credibility by whining just like Bret Hart

        • louie louie

          So if "your boss" paid everyone but you would you still go on working? If your answer is still …Yes because it's my job … you're a jackass

          • Who?Me?

            lol. I wouldn't work sh!t if Vince did that to me. And I won't suck Vince a$$ too like most of these people. Warrior is awesome in my eyes for standing up to Vince.

  • Manimal

    Regardless of what has happened, steroids are good!!!!

    • Anthony

      Only two side effects of steroids… Getting big and getting laid!

      • Bill B.

        Hard to get laid when your nads are the rize of raisins

  • shmoeman

    regardless of any of this, the simple fact that we are talking about a wrestler from 20+ years ago only shows you just how big of an impact he made in the sport. For me, no other wrestler stood out like the Ultimate Warrior. Best entrance, music, appearance. Everything.

    • maniac

      no way "eye of the tiger" baby

  • RCGade

    ultimate warrior of course a big wrestler, and made a huge impact in the wwf/wwe. though i do have to say from interviews i have seen it seems like he makes a lot of accusations rather then reclaiming facts. to his credit however i do not know what went down personally between him and the company so cant say much. but in the case of the "drug test" never happening if true would be a mess up on wwe's side but if he was on steroids wether the tests happen or not then he cant complain about much.

  • gomer2

    of course warrior took roids, go back to the awa when he was the dingo warrior and see the transformation to the wwf, if vince fired him, he should of fired hogan too, even if hogan was testifing. warrior is one big goof-ball

  • cgms310

    Does anyone really care? This is not a sport, these are not athletes. The entire wrestling world is fake and we all know it. Why anyone with a education past 5th grade would watch this rubbish is beyond comprehension.

    Take it off TV and start educating the youth of today with something that can help them become better citizens, before they all think they can bodyslam granny, or fly through the air from a roof top!

    • Arvo

      well said

  • erratyc

    cgms is right! I bet he doesn't watch television shows or movies because they're not "real" too. Might as well not read most books, because they are also not real. Thank you for saving the world from doing something they enjoy that you don't get. I bet you're a champion against gay marriage and other civil rights that don't apply to you

  • steven

    Even triple HHH said that the warrior was very unprofessioanl and a risk to the company, Goldberg even makes a statement abot the Warrior in his book. were he said the warrior is juicing.

    • RockyIII

      Warrior was risky in that he was physically agressive. Same aggresiveness that Benoit was. The only difference? Benoit was respectful, and he could the beatings too, plus Benoit knew how to wrestle.

      LOL on Goldberg stating that Warrior juiced. Tell me a wrestler during Warrior's time that never juiced man.

  • darrell

    wwf is for intertainment its not a sport so if the steriods are legal (or not) what reason is there for any testing? especialy any goverment agency. if it is against company policy then all members should be tested even the ceo eco pres owner ect

    • Third Grade Graduate

      I'm confused. Could you please reaffirm your spelling of "entertainment"? Also, I believe it's common to capitalize the first letter of a new sentence in the English language, which you clearly have no concept of. In addition to your blatant misuse of some of the most common, third-grade grammar essentials, could you please clarify what an ECO is? Also, what specifically does "ect" refer to? Could you possibly be referring to "etc"?

  • jmi3555

    None of them used. They are all 100% nat. Oh ya roids werent really criminalized untill shortly after this incident. B4 this they woudnt bother even filing charges unless you were a big time chemist or smuggling it by hte truck load.

  • Jae

    Vince would do this. Most all the guys were roiding back then. If you fire these guys, then fire your main money maker Hulk Hogan, cuz we all know he was roiding.

    • Glen

      i think that was why hogan left after 93 KOTR cause hogan was gonna be caught up in it. even though he already did.

      • What?

        So why didn't Shawn Michaels, Scott Hall, and alot of wrestlers didn't leave? Explain that to me

  • toobarker

    they all use steroids hello

  • Furpoh Longrain

    The reason the government wanted to shut down, or make an example of the WWF(E) is due mainly to the fact that this business had a tremendous effect on youth!! Pretty much anything they did in the ring, was absolutely taken to task by the very public McMahon was trying to attract. So therefore the gov.t couldn't very well allow this muscle circus to continue unabated. The very best thing McMahon could do, would be FIRE a couple of very popular wrestlers, which would appease the gov.t agencies, and allow him to bring in a couple of different people. Can't you guys see, with the exclusion of Hulk Hogan, the WWE is always looking for a new fresh act! This also took heat off the organization, and allowed McMahon to give the impression he was serious about the removal of steriods.

  • Singleguy

    Ya the Ultimate warrior should have never opened his mouth. He looks really stupid now. He was a juicer bigtime come on. No one could have the physic this guy had without doing juice or some enhancer. All these video's of him attacking people and coming up with all these conspiracy theories. He looks like a frigin nut even more than he did during his career. If he would have just stayed quiet and lived his so called happy life he talks about then why is he bitching. Yeah Kevin Nash is an asshole we all know that its no secret. He suckered you into these frigin videos and now you look like the bitch. I have no respect for you bro cuzz you have trashed everything you were about and really for no reason.

  • Tracey Lewis

    Hogan and McMahon both did some time for steriods. Look it up. That was the beginning of the whole thing and he had to start letting pple go to save his own a$$ so he wont get into anymore trouble. Warrior has something to say about everything. Understand that he has been around just as much as those needles were being passed around and he wants to feel like he is still apart of something, to make him feel important but he doesn't understand to (Jericho) SHUT THE H3LL UP! He is sinking and sinking fast and he is only doing this to himself. He is putting this image for everyone to try to bring pple back to the WARRIOR but doesn't realize, he is making more enemies than Nash LOL. He has no life so he is trying to make something out of it. He is not (Razor) THE GOOD GUY until he can admit what he has done, apologized, and make a menz and maybe at that point he might get some respect back. The world doesn't evolve around WARRIOR so no-one does either.

  • robbie

    the under taker is the one of the best . one one i liked was the crusher

  • Stephanie

    Watch any given Warrior interview segment and tell me this man wasn't audibly hocking back enormous cocaine sinus drains.

    And Da Powah (Snoooorrrrt) OF Da Warriyaaaa (snoooooorrrrt) Pumpin In muh Vains! (snoooorrrt)

    Roids and blow are a recipe for sports entertainment gold tho.

  • Kurtis

    Did anyone notice he referenced the "Wellness Program"? Did anyone else remember the wellness program only came together after chris benoit died? I think someone's fibbing…..

  • Ben Dover

    Dear Ultimate Warrior,

    Why are you so upset?

    Your test came back positive.
    It's good to be positive.
    More people need to be positive.