Ultimate Warrior Dead At 54

The Ultimate Warrior has died. Triple H first Tweeted the news and it was shortly followed by an official statement on dot com. The statement reads as follows:

WWE is shocked and deeply saddened to learn of the passing of one of the most iconic WWE Superstars ever, The Ultimate Warrior. Warrior began his WWE career in 1987 and quickly went on to become one of the biggest stars in WWE history. Warrior became WWE Champion at WrestleMania VI, defeating Hulk Hogan in an epic encounter. We are grateful that just days ago, Warrior had the opportunity to take his rightful place in the WWE Hall of Fame and was also able to appear at WrestleMania 30 and Monday Night Raw to address his legions of fans. WWE sends its sincere condolences to Warrior’s family, friends and fans. Warrior was 54 and is survived by his wife Dana and his two daughters.

1:05 PM EDT April 9, 2014 Update: According to TMZ, Warrior "clutched his chest" moments before he collapsed while walking down a hallway at the Gainey Suites Hotel in Scottsdale, AZ on Tuesday evening. All signs point to a massive heart attack being the cause of death. There is no evidence to show drugs or alcohol were a factor. An autopsy is scheduled for Thursday by the Maricopa County Medical Examiner, reports TMZ.com. End update.

12:10 PM EDT April 9, 2014 Update:  The Scottsdale Police Department and Sergeant Mark Clark made the following statement on Warrior’s death:

On April 8 at 5:50 pm 54-year-old “Warrior” James B Hellwig collapsed while walking with his wife to their car at the Gainy Suites Hotel in Scottsdale, Ariz. Scottsdale Fire transported to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead soon after arrival. At this point in the investigation, it appears as though a catastrophic medical condition caused his death.  

End update.

1:29 AM EDT April 9, 2014 Update: Ultimate Warrior left New Orleans on Tuesday morning after appearing on this week's Monday Night Raw and flew home to Arizona. According to a report by TMZ, he collapsed outside of a hotel in Arizona on Tuesday evening while walking to his car with his wife Dana. He was taken to nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead. End update.

12:51 AM EDT April 9, 2014 Update: TMZ is reporting the Ultimate Warrior died in Arizona. No other details are available at this time. End update.

Click here for WWE's official statement in its original format.

The news is beyond shocking as Warrior was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame last Saturday night and appeared at Wrestlemania 30 and this week's episode of Monday Night Raw in New Orleans, Louisiana. Warrior confirmed in his Hall of Fame induction speech that he had signed a new multi-year agreement with WWE to act as an ambassador.

You can watch the promo Ultimate Warrior cut on this week's episode of Raw at this link or embedded in the video below:

Stephanie McMahon just Tweeted this:

Earlier in the week, Stephanie Tweeted a photo of Warrior with her father Vince McMahon:

Below is Triple H's breaking news Tweet, as Brooks Oglesby reported here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com:

  • Kacie

    Wow. RIP.

  • Tom Mayer

    I am in shock.. I don’t even know what to think.

  • Borgi83

    Monday Night in the ring I was already scared he would die on live tv. To
    Me he looked in such bad shape and was heavily breathing. It’s a huge shock and my condolences go out to his loved ones!!!

  • Rayner Chee-bai

    OMG Warrior…this is really saddening yet mind-blowing as well. RIP :'(

  • Xavier

    Did Warrior know he was ill by any chance? I ask because the timing of all of this is just insane. He just entered the WWE HOF and was on Raw last night. Any chance that Warrior knew that his time was short so him & McMahon made amends?

    • david

      That’s what I am thinking. People do things like that when they know their time is short. The timing and how he looked last night certainly makes ir appear to be the case.

    • Bob’s Diner

      I was wondering the exact same thing… really really shocking. I am happy for him that he got to have that last moment with the Hall of Fame, WrestleMania and then Raw

      • Xavier

        Me too. Him & Vince finally made peace, broke bread together and forgave each other for whatever falling out they had and that’s what’s really the lesson to be learned here, whatever beef we may have with friends, famiy etc etc its important to forgive & move on b/c we just never know when it’s our time.

        • Bob’s Diner

          Amen, brother.
          I hope he is chilling with Randy Savage, reminiscing about the good times and their epic WrestleMania match

          • Venom

            It’s weird, in a previous article where it shows Vince and Warrior hugging I mentioned that I thought Vince was making amends with people before he dies. Looks like mayne Warrior did the same.

        • BIG M

          True but some fences are beyond mending.
          Thankfully the one between VKM and Warrior wasn’t.

    • BIG M

      You know He was walking weird to the Ring at Raw like he had lead in one of his legs.
      He couldn’t shake the ropes as hard as he tried I just thought they were more stiff than they were in his day.
      His left arm seemed to be shaking a little too.
      Im not a doctor but I think those could’ve all been warning signs of a heart attack or stroke.
      And given the fact he was an admitted steroid user I bet you anything one of those were the cause of death.
      Not sure if it was a situation of he knew he it was soon his time,
      I think maybe it was a situation where others should have known it was soon his time.

      • Xavier

        You’re right, he just didn’t look right last night and on top of that in his speech he made mention of death a few times. I think him & Vince knew something was wrong in advance.

        • packerpf

          I thought it was quite eerie he kept mentioning the death of legends

          • Matt

            We can chalk it all up to coincidence but it is hauntingly eerie

        • BIG M

          Warrior might have known but I’m not to sure if Vince did.
          Still very sad he has young kids and all.
          I have an older Father when he was 50 and I was 7 he had 6 Heart attacks in a 48 hour period and flatlined for two minuets before they brought him back but afterwards he was in a coma for 2 days.
          I was so terrified, frightened and unbearably sad until I got to see him a few days later.
          And even though My Father is alive and well today I still have so much empathy for people who lost a parent as children because of what I felt for a few days they have to feel for the remainder of their childhood.
          Thats something no kid should go through you know.

          • Bob’s Diner

            I’m with you – really feel for his daughters. I hope this weekend helped them have some understanding of what he did and the impact he had on the lives of others

          • BIG M

            Yeah that’s some solace for them I guess.

        • Gary Robert

          We’ll find out in a few days. Most likely a heart attack, I’d say. He didn’t look great last night, but I can’t say I was worried about his appearance and thought anything of it. The only thing I remember being odd was how he looked like he couldn’t actually shake the top rope when he tried a few times. The guy looked just fine during all the commentary on the new DVD which couldn’t have been recorded long ago.

        • Lebron James

          This was mere coincidence. It was a massive heart attack he passed from. There’s no way Warrior or anyone else thought he’d leave earth this soon. RIP Warrior. Glad the higher powers gave you a chance to say your goodbyes to the world.

  • david

    It’s just crazy. He literally was on live tv last night. I went back and watched him again and looking back at it now he didnt look great. Maybe he had been ill and wanted to make amends. I dont know. I feel so much for his family. I’m glad that he was able to come back this weekend and I hope that it gave him some peace. I have to wonder what news will come out in the days that follow. I hope he is at peace.

  • Dustyn

    Truly shocking. RIP

  • Jay

    RIP 🙁

  • Simon Veitch

    What the hell? He was literally on TV Last night and looked as good as ever, how the hell?

    • Matt

      We’re following the news tirelessly. I’m pulling an all nighter to get any and all information to you guys the second we can confirm things.

  • Nails

    WOW. Terrible news. I’m shocked

  • jman72485

    Damn thats a bummer. I used to watch him on TV as a kid. RIP Worrior

  • James

    I’m wondering if he took his own life ?

    • Andy

      Dude, I know it’s wrong to assume and speculate but I thought the same thing. His promo was eerily haunting and prophetic. That or he was ill and knew he didn’t have much time left

    • BIG M

      Oh man I hope not for his wife and kids sake.

    • Bob’s Diner

      He collapsed outside his hotel

  • Michael

    Whatever the circumstances may be, the wrestling community lost a true legend. Whats worse is a family lost a son, a brother, a husband, and a father. His daughters will be the ones who suffer the most with them being young. His legacy will never die. In true Warrior form now, May he strap on the rocket and ride to the sky.

    RIP Warrior

    • Michael

      I put the wrong date. He was only 54

  • Tone

    unreal ….. may God bless his family….

  • The Bops

    I thought he looked off Monday. I was expecting to see him (or try to) run to the ring and go nuts like he used to. He tried shaking the ropes a few times but seemed to be exhausted. The poor man must have been sick or knew his time was imminent.

  • King A sshole

    He mended all his fences, and the big guy said, it’s time to go home. RIP. We’ll always believe and bonded by the power of the Ultimate Warrior.

  • MercuryIsGod

    Is there any chance, as small as it is, that this is just another rumour? I mean, I remember when websites reported that Mae Young had died, and she was still alive… but I also remember that the WWE remained quiet, and this time, they have not…

    I am completely shocked.

    Monday night, I was so happy to see him. I grew up watching him. He looked fine until he started talking as Ultimate Warrior. I mean, he was just talking, and he looked like he was out of breath, for real. That looked weird, but it can happen, I suppose…

    The timing looks bizarre, and/or somewhat “perfect,” since he looked very happy, and he had rectified what the WWE had done to him.

    Apparently, he collapsed while walking to his car, with his wife, in Arizona, around 5:50 P.M… I am still waiting for the confirmation that they are all joking, like Andy Kaufman would have wanted it…

  • Thank God The Ultimate Warrior got his opportunity to set the record straight on all the crap that was said about him! More importantly, thank God he FINALLY was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame where he RIGHTFULLY belongs!!

    • Bob’s Diner

      I’m thankful he was able to not only accept that honour, but also do that in front of his daughters. He took WWE’s comments on the chin and really showed his convictions as a man with that speech.

  • EricDraven

    This makes the promo he cut on monday very eerie. Sad day, and at least he got to set the record straight before this.

  • packerpf

    This is crazy especially with him just being on last night…I hate to suggest this, but maybe the excitement was too much? I know some mentioned maybe he had health issues, so it’ll be interesting to see how this all pans out. RIP Warrior you will always be remembered.

  • Matt C

    I also thought he was going to have a heart attack on Monday Night Raw. He kept grabbing at his left arm, his speech was forced and his breathing labored. We’ve lost another icon. I grew up watching Warrior, and truly feel like I’ve lost a childhood hero. It’s still real to me dammit!
    R.I.P Warrior

  • Jay

    Last night I couldn’t help but think his speech sounded more like a goodbye then a “happy to be back” sort of thing. Almost as if he knew he didn’t have much time left. It’s crazy to think that just over 24 hours ago we were watching him live on tv…

  • Oh my…wow…What a horrible way to come home from work!

  • Bob’s Diner

    Be safe, everyone. And give someone a hug.
    I’m going to find some old magazines and draw Ultimate Warrior facepaint on celebrities like I did when I was a child

  • Gary Robert

    Holy Shit. Is life not cruel? I literally just logged on here to find a HOF or RAW thread to write how I was glad to see how legitimately happy James Hellwig seemed to finally bury the hatchet with WWE and be back…and now this. What a shame. R.I.P. James Hellwig a.k.a. The Ultimate Warrior!

    • Bob’s Diner

      This weekend showed me that man cared more about ‘the business’ than anyone ever gave him credit for. All 3 appearances obviously meant a great deal to him. Like Xavier, I was looking forward to what he was going to do with WWE in the future…

      • Gary Robert

        Agreed. I had been posting about his commentary on his new DVD for a few days prior to his HOF induction. And his HOF speech, even though he went off course a few times, you could tell how much he did indeed care about the business and all the little things and the people who don’t get the credit for making it work etc etc

  • Ashley

    I come home from work and find out this?! How an incredibly sad way to end what was a great weekend for him. My heart breaks for his wife and young daughters. RIP Warrior

  • Mike Brailsford

    I’m stunned, just turned on to see this news. Almost like he was tying up loose ends. Of course he couldn’t have known, but I’m really shocked.

  • Nick k

    A lot of people are in here acting like they knew this was gonna happen and quite frankly it’s pathetic. It’s a sad tragic event so please stop trying to act like you’re a know it all and trying to put yourself over and just mourn the loss. I don’t recall any of you doctors saying anything last night so just stop.

    • LeBron James

      Welcome back douche bag! BTW nobody missed you at all

      • Nick k

        Putting that as a comment on a story as sad as this is very telling about the kind of person you are. Just sickening.

  • ^.^

    He was probably the happiest he could ever be, and heaven couldn’t wait.

  • Harlie Boucher

    Wow, that’s crazy. Does make a little bit of sense though, since he was basically winded just walking to the ring on Monday Night.

  • Lefty Tosser

    He did not look or sound good at the end of his promo on RAW. Watch the video of his last minute of the promo and getting out of the ring. It was like he was really winded and struggling to catch his breath.

  • Ken

    So many things I didn’t see coming all week long and now I have to find out about the passing of the Warrior. This isn’t happening. Somebody PLEASE tell me I’m having some kind waking nightmare. THIS IS NOT HAPPENING.

  • Avalanchian

    RIP Warrior you’re a legend no matter where you are.

  • 1molly23

    Rest in peace Warrior! You brought back many memories. You were totally deserving of the WWE Superstar title. Mae Young, Randy Savage and the many called home before you were surely waiting with open arms to welcome you. Sincere condolences to your family.

  • rschell21

    What you gonna do when the ultimate warrior is smiling down upon you brother. R.I.P. to not only a legend and icon but a amazing human being. There will never be another ultimate warrior.

  • Tom Mayer

    This just shows how fragile life is, and we can be snuffed out in an instant despite what we do to our bodies over the years.

    I am taking comfort in the fact that the Ultimate Warrior finally got the recognition that he deserved and returned home where he belonged. To those who know his story, it seems like something that never would have happened. I am happy to see that no matter how prideful the WWE can be, they can grow up, just as Warrior could, and make amends in the end.

    Thank you Richard, Matt, Jesse, and other staffers. It was wonderful being able to share the past few days with you guys, Hall of Fame, Wrestlemania, RAW… It was wonderful sharing those moments with you guys, even if I did get under Matt’s skin at one point. As silly as it seems, being a warrior fan, a wwe fan, it’s moments like this that will stick with you for years.

  • Mandy

    I heard this on the radio and I am just shocked! It just doesn’t seem real.

  • The Breaker

    News like this is always sad to hear, but the fact that we saw him get inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame just mere days ago and then appear on this Monday’s RAW makes it that much more of a difficult blow. I listened to his RAW promo again, and it gave me chills. He really seemed to be at the beginning a new chapter in his life, but it actually turned out being the end. Absolutely tragic. I’m just glad he was able to have this past weekend, which gave him the chance to mend fences and see how much wrestling fans still love him.

    RIP Warrior

    Condolences to his family. My heart breaks when I think of how overjoyed and proud his daughters were at the Hall of Fame ceremony.

  • Eddie-Boy

    God Bless You, Jim Hellwig (a.k.a. “The Ultimate Warrior”). R. I. P. 🙁

  • Cory Schneider

    Such a sad way to end a great week of wrestling. R.I.P. Warrior. Blessings to his family. Thanks for giving us final a thrill before you had to leave.

  • Prprince1

    Why does it have to say DEAD at 54
    It sounds so wrong. Why not passes away
    At 54 sounds more human

    • Luisp

      I agree dead should be used for a plant or animal passed away,dies or died is much more humane

    • Tom Mayer

      Dead is dead.. It’s not really necessary to split hairs over something like this..

      Let’s pet aside the criticism over a headline and how the words are portrayed, and let’s honor Warrior instead of how the information is perceived.

      • Tom Mayer

        put aside*

  • Cubed56

    Is it a bit strange to anyone else that Warrior basically foreshadowed his own death in the promo he cut on Raw this past Monday? Im guessing there is more to this and he knew he may not have had much time left. Either way this is terrible news, and I offer nothing but condolences and prayers to his family and friends.

  • jman72485

    Its true you know when your time is short. My dad God rest his soul dude of a heart attack 17 years ago. And on the day of his passing all he wanted to do was spend the day with his love ones. And that’s what he did. He then said something odd that day. He was watching an old couple across the street and he said he never wanted to get that old…

  • John

    The Ultimate Warrior said and did a lot of things that gave out the impression that he wasn’t a very good man (Heath Ledger comments etc.) however i have never heard of anyone that has actually met Warrior in person that has had a bad word to say about him. I’m happy he got to have his moment at the Hall of Fame and I’m also happy that he got the opportunity to tell his story after what WWE did to him with there DVD.

    RIP Warrior.

  • Navin T. Ramkissoon

    RIP Warrior. Thanks for the Memories