Ultimate Warrior Media - Bret Hart Interviewed, DDP On Nancy Grace

Bret Hart Talks Ultimate Warrior

Bret Hart was interviewed about the death of Ultimate Warrior. You can listen in the SoundCloud player embedded below:

DDP on Nancy Grace

Diamond Dallas Page was on Nancy Grace on Wednesday to talk about Ultimate Warrior's death. If you're familiar with Nancy Grace then you're familiar with her sweeping categorizations that underscore her lack of knowledge and/or research about the pro wrestling business. Because of that, I'm not wasting my time recapping this, however, you can watch at this link or embedded in the video below:

  • Mysterion

    It’s disgusting how she’s approached this. But of course her network won’t reprimand her for such blatant bullsh**

  • Xavier

    People like Nancy Grace along with Webdy Williams and a few others are the worst kinds of people in this world.

  • MadDawg

    Before I even watch the video, I want to say kudos to Richard for not making me read about Nancy Grace.

  • WNW Fan

    Nancy Grace is a liberal…plain and simple

  • The Bops

    What a “Tuesday”, if you know what I mean.

  • Nancy Grace really showed how clueless she is in this clip. Talking about wrestlers who died young and going on and on about drug use. Jesse pointed out to me that Owen Hart’s name was on the list that she ran. She’s grasping at straws and I’m disgusted that DDP was on her show, but he told her about the wellness program, and that the drugs were back in the day, she doesn’t listen and wants to build a story out of something we all know about. Yes, many used steroids. Yes, many have died young because of it. The WWE has stepped up, changed policies, and they are helping those who need it. Time to move on!

    • Davd F.

      although I do think the wellness policy is joke WWE would never suspend Cena, Rock, or Lesnar for steriods

      • Xavier

        That’s because they’re not taking them.

    • Venom

      It’s amazing how these “reporters” don’t bother to do research. They just do a search on wrestlers that died under 50 without knowing the circumstances. Owen Hart never should have been on that list. If, god forbid, a wrestler under 50 was a passenger on a plane that crashed would he be on that list?

      Back in 2012, the night King had a heart attack my uncle, who was 54 and living alone in France collapsed in his home garage as he was heading to work. He was discovered by his neighbor later that night. Same age as Warrior and died of a heat attack. Turned out it was a heart defect that he was born with that was never detected. He was an accomplished swimmer and was a straight edge.

  • Jesse Sherwood

    Nancy Grace proved in this one clip just what kind of woman and reporter she is. She is a sensationalist in the worst ways, comparable to the National Enquirer or The Star in just how accurate she is. There have been NO RUMORS that Warrior’s death was drug related until she had the gall to try to stir the pot with her obviously biased opinion. I hope that she gets her rear sued off and is kicked off the air for this. How can a person sleep at night, knowing they intentionally defamed a dead man’s memory, especially after he’s only been passed for 24 hours?

  • Draven

    I knew this was coming. From the monent i heard about it i knew this crap was on the way same tired old crap that comes up every time. We all know they use to take them and yes it may have played a part in his death but back then they didnt know all about all of the long term affects and now the younger guys know better and are doing better along with the wwe so they need to just leave it alone. But of coarse they wont.

  • Jaryd

    Let us remember this is the same woman that said the actual sentence “He went from the Four Horsemen to Raw, and that’s quite a demotion” about Chris Benoit. She just hears words and runs them together, they could save so much money by replacing her with a parrot

  • Matt

    I woke up this morning to see “#CancelNancyGrace” as a top trend on Twitter. The more clueless and brainless someone is, the more they’re featured on news programs it seems.

  • Dave Barton

    OMG…she had Mark Curtis on that list! You know, WCW referee Brian Hildebrand? The man died of cancer! How irresponsible of her! She has the nerve to call herself a journalist? The woman does no legitimate research whatsoever!

  • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese

    Look at the network she works for. They get their ratings up and that’s all that matters. The truth is just an after thought. What a shame but “journalists” these days get away with slaughtering the news and no one seems to care. Maybe this time it has crossed the line so much they all will think twice and do their own research. Not likely but maybe.