The Ultimate Warrior Picks Linda McMahon As HoF Inductor

The Ultimate Warrior announced Monday on Twitter that Linda McMahon has accepted his request to induct him into the WWE Hall of Fame. The following is from Twitter:

Warrior will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame the night before Wrestlemania XXX on Saturday, April 5, 2014 from the New Orleans Arena in New Orleans, Louisiana. We'll have exclusive live coverage here at

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  • The Ultimate Rooster

    This is the best thing ever.

    • matt

      linda McMahon is a successful business woman and a REPUBLICAN and a powerful republican in Connecticut politics so warrior respects her and always has respected her.
      it would be hypocritical for warrior to allow a meat headed. drug addicted wrestler from his tenure in wwe when warrior hates them and has zero respect for them as human beings, and Hogan falls into this category.

      • AlphaMale

        Warrior was on roids just like hogan was. He’s an arrogant, hypocritical asshole

        • matt

          of course warrior was on steroids back in the day, but he NEVER fell into the depths of illegal drug use that his 1980’s co-workers fell into which played major roles in their deaths.
          Hogan is still playing the cartoon character role into his 60’s. Hogan’s personal life is a mess. his kids are spoiled brats and one of them paralyzed a friend due to his reckless driving.
          warrior hates Hogan so it would be HYPOCRITICAL to ask that egotistical jerk to induct him into a fictional hof when warrior does not respect him as a “man”.

          • Bob’s Diner

            You realise they actually don’t get that much say in who inducts them, right? The Funks asked Bret Hart to induct them but WWE wanted Dusty Rhodes – guess who inducted them. Warrior most likely wouldn’t ‘ask’ anyone if he had his way

          • matt

            the fact is that WARRIOR is not on good terms with any wrestler from his wwe era.
            ted dibiase, sgt. slaughter, Hogan etc all dislike him and warrior is NEVER going to ask them for a favor even if it is just for television purposes.
            the fact is that warrior worked behind the scenes with linda McMahon as far as his wwe contracts go and he likes her. the warrior has has a contentious relationship with wwe since 1991 which is why his wwe career really came to an end after summerslam 1991 as far as having a real impact on the industry.

          • dude

            I’m curious as to how you know who The Warrior hates for certain? Do you talk to him personally? No? Then stop pretending to know things.

          • matt

            I don’t know warrior personally, but the guy has BASHED so many of the so called talent that he worked with that it would be stupid on his part to have any one of them give a fake speech stating how great he was during his career.
            hating does not mean that he wishes death or harm on people; it just means that he does not want to interact with them on a personal level.

          • Lee

            To be fair matt/dean does have a point…tho he is quite the prick. I watched the hour long youtube video that Warrior produced which is essentially an hour long screw you to hulk hogan. The only wrestler i have ever actually heard that Warrior got along with was
            Randy Savage, and unfortunetly he passed away so really who else were they going to get to induct the Warrior?

          • Bob’s Diner

            Thanks for ignoring my question so you can continue your history lesson no one wants to hear

          • matt

            stick you question up your ass which is where your brain is located.

          • Bob’s Diner

            Why, I’m sorry – I didn’t realise I was dealing with such a fine thespian! You truly are the most knowledgeable wrestling fan in all of the land!

          • matt

            I am a knowledgeable wrestling fan bwecause I see the business as a circus which it is and the talent are like circus clowns who are paid to perform for the crowd just like trained seals.

          • Bob’s Diner

            Yes – we should bow down to the great dean/matt/whatever you are calling yourself this week. You are the only one who understands that wrestling is stupid and Vince McMahon is the greatest human alive, apart from WARRIOR!!!

          • matt

            go run your diner you pompous, judgemental, egotistical internet blowhard.

          • Bob’s Diner

            But… I’m too busy learning about pro-wrestling! You are teaching me the real facts that I’ve never known before. You have opened my eyes, oh great and wise teacher!

          • AlphaMale

            Ever wonder why some people (ie. matt/dean) get on wrestling websites to talk about wrestling but have nothing positive to say about wrestling? It’s kind of a conundrum

          • Bob’s Diner

            Yeah, he already stated he hates “dirt sheet writers”, yet takes the time to comment on the site as much as he can and try to impress us with his knowledge of pro-wrestling history. Even changing his name when everyone decided ‘dean’ was a bit of a tool.
            Time for a new name again, matt!

          • Mysterion

            Of course they’re paid to perform! It’s their bloody job, you toolbox. You wouldn’t go to your job and demand you be paid for not doing it. Pillock.

          • Zachary Ortiz

            The only wrestler from the classic WWF era that Warrior was cool to and actually got along with was Macho Man Randy Savage.

          • Mysterion

            You ever thought that was Warriors fault? The guys an absolute asshole. I can see now why you’re so eager to side with him… Also, you appear to have learned your “witty jabs” from watching PG John Cena. I hope. Or you really are that dumb.

        • John K

          Warrior experimented with steroids in 1991, but stopped not long after. He is for the most part a natural bodybuilder, and was Mr. Georgia 1984. He actually decreased in size to become a wrestler.

          • Sean Williams

            No, he actually has been on FOX blabber mouthing about using PED way beyond the 90’s. And just accepting “roids” is splitting hairs, he has cheated for his gains.

      • A powerful political figure who has sunk who-knows-how-much money into two different electoral campaigns in which she was soundly beaten. Either way, I think this introduction (LOL!) is a fantastic idea. It’s ludicrous for her to do it…and I love it!

      • Sean Williams

        You sound as if your postive UW never tested or used anything considered PED. He is a walking roid, not to mention a blowhard, along with the McMahons

  • Tim

    Kane and undertaker have to induct paul bearer. Not just one of them.

    • Mike

      I agree completely with you Tim. Undertaker and Kane both should induct Paul Bearer. Bearer was such a massive part of Undertaker’s early career in the WWE. I know that Mark Calloway likes to remain behind the scenes at the Hall of Fame ceremonies but purely out of respect for the late great Paul Bearer he should be front and center inducting him. What an incredible moment that would be. Come on Taker.. make our dreams come true

      • RollsReus

        what would really be awesome would be Undertaker accepting the award on behalf on PB in-character with only a tip of the hat. That would speak volumes without speaking at all.

        • J Vomkrieg

          Yep, Kane can do the majority of the talking, and taker comes out in character to do an homage, That would be nice

  • Xavier

    And of you guys thought it would be Sting then….

    • Midwest82

      Umm his tweet said she is introducing him, so wouldn’t that leave his inductor open still?

      • Bob’s Diner

        Uuuhhh did you not read his second tweet? “Introduce=Induct”

        • Mysterion

          I think he had a classic case of half ass :-p

  • thepowerserge

    Will he be loading anything with rocket fuel?

    • AlphaMale

      Of course! Lol

  • BigMike

    They really needed to scrape the barrel to get Warrior inducted UGH…. I LOVE Percy/Paul and Jake getting the HOF nod but not Warrior; he drank the wrong kool-aid for way too long and it has screwed his brain up

  • Sean Williams

    The way this guy goes out of his way to provoke and insult anyone, it really opens me up to idea that WWE actually is doing quite well with its talent TODAY. How this guy ever got beyond mid-card is beyond me(in regards to the talent that constantly gets in trouble for little issues in todays WWE) Used to be a big Warrior fan, then I realized the guy that he truly was, was such a moron and jerk.
    The wrestler needs in the WWE HallofFame, the real person should get no noteriety.