Ultimate Warrior Responds To Vince McMahon's "Welcome Back"

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Richard Gray posted a tweet by Vince McMahon from his official Twitter account on Thursday about welcoming Ultimate Warrior back into the WWE. The post can be seen here. Ultimate Warrior responded to Vince McMahon's open arm welcome. Warrior's full statement is below:

@VinceMcMahon Vince, thank you for your personal welcome back to the WWE Universe. It is noted and appreciated. All the Warriors of Parts Unknown take pride in being one of the original galaxies of the Universe you created. Not one of my days has passed without a flashback to my time in the business and my relationship with you. After 17 years of battling one another, perhaps the stars have finally aligned and Destiny is prepared to tell one of Sports Entertainment's greatest stories: how two of the industry's most determined, colorful, intense and explosive personalities brought to life a persona that made such an inspiring impression that it still captures the hearts and minds of fans all over the world, even all these years later. I am proud Ultimate Warrior is an iconic, immortal spirit in the Universe you created. I know, Vince McMahon, you are proud, too. The inhabitants of your WWE Universe believe your personal welcome is an invitation of sorts. If so, consider this my RSVP with one condition. Wisdom takes a seat at the table with us when we meet, but we each also leave unburied a slight edge of the hatchet we've carried over the years. that other gutless and heartless God-fearing men urge us to lay to rest forever. Face it, neither one of us were ever any good at being bored or boring others. So coming prepared to kill one another makes for a interesting backup plan. Always Believe, Warrior

  • Chris


  • Dave

    Plugging your own Twitter again?! This site is going to the dogs.

    • Carlos is a dumbass

      Get the fuc1k out of here with that BS, you pus1sy as1s bitc1h

    • Simon Veitch

      He wasn’t plugging his own twitter. If you took two seconds to read who posted the article you’ll see that it was Alex Barie. As such mentioning that Richard posted about it is a reference to the original post, not a self plug

      • jdl

        It’s the official twitter feed of the site, it’s a plug.

      • Paul

        It’s a plug. The original tweet came from Vince’s twitter so why mention @wnwdotcom? Saying that, is it meant to be this sites twitter or Richard Gays twitter? Either way, shameless promotion.

  • jdl

    I have no idea what he’s trying to say.

  • T-Zone

    Warrior was in character here. If you couldn’t tell, it seemed to be a genuine appreciation for Warrior to be involved with WWE after being on bad terms for years.

    I hope to see Warrior make an appearance for another unstable segment.

  • Rambo Commander

    Who cares what he says – he couldn’t wrestle for nuts and he still can’t for sure. Most pathetic comeback ever, this is gonna be.

  • Alex

    Okay, you all have got to agree with me. This guy is NUTS!! LMBO

    • Nostaljack

      Mark much?

  • _JIM_

    Warrior still thinks he’s a top name in the industry. The guy couldn’t draw a dime now IMO. This sounded like he was just being his “normal self” in this message. Problem with that is his “normal self” is out of his freakin mind. Let’s be honest. If he was doing this in character, nobody would be able to understand what in the heck ke was talking about. Just like every single one of his promos from back in the day. My fav has to be the one before Wrestlemania 6 when he was going against Hogan. Where he talked about being in a plane that’s out of control. Just the way he says “Hulk Hogan” over and over in it cracks me up every time. Christian and Jericho talk about it in “The Self Destruction of The Ultimate Warrior” DVD. It’s a promo for the ages. Check it out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pb9aAXo-u78

  • _JIM_

    My bad… That was the wrong one, though it’s a great example also of me having absolutely no idea what this dude was talking about. Here’s the one I really love…http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXNvusFPsBQ

  • jackkedx10

    Sounds like one of his old promos

  • Hercules Rockerfeller

    Man the Warrior still got it! I can close my eyes and picture him saying this statement the only way the Warrior can. I understood everything he said! For you ppl that said “what?” He basically said he is happy that Vince is welcoming him back and figures the open arms is an invitation to take part in WWE programming but only if its done right and not in any way to embarrass the character of the Ultimate Warrior. That’s what I took from the statement.

  • luc

    the warrior has returned from inhabiting the nether. maybe he can devastate hogan and get hogan pumped for a real ratings war again? wishful thinking on my behalf. it would be cool.