Undertaker At Raw, Did WWE Spoil His Return?

The Undertaker is backstage at the First Niagara Center in Buffalo, New York - the site of this week's "Old School" episode of WWE Raw. My source is still unable to confirm he'll be on the show but if I were betting, the chances are very good.

In what could end up being an in-house spoiler, WWE features the Undertaker logo on the WWE Active page of their App. I've attached a screenshot that can be viewed below:

Undertaker spoiler[/information]

As we've noted several times, current creative plans have Undertaker returning for a Wrestlemania 29 feud with CM Punk.  We'll have live WWE Raw coverage at 8 PM EST here at WrestlingNewsWorld.com.

  • Jason

    I doubt it was leaked accidentally. They have been pushing more and more to get the WWE App, so I am thinking they are doing it on purpose to draw viewers and more downloads.

    • EricDraven86

      Much like when they “spoiled” Brock Lesnar’s return recently. Kind of ruins the surprise, but definitely a smart strategy to increase viewers/users.

      • Xavier

        You commenting on a website that gives you spoilers and rumors, and your talking about ruining the surprise?

        • EricDraven86

          It also gives me the option to not read those spoilers. My usage of the site is not the topic here, so please try and stay on point.

  • Jason

    Here is what I am thinking is going to happen. They are going to spin it into a story of they don’t know what’s going on with “technical issues” all night until Taker comes out to face Punk. The App is just the first piece of the puzzle.

  • Babydoc0617

    They just sent out a text saying “I have risen”

  • Win

    WWE always throws hints after Taker returns from long layoffs.

  • Nick

    Would like to see Taker dress ‘old school’ tonight!

  • Rob UK

    Honestly, and I know I’ll get some heat for this… But I really don’t care. There isn’t enough time to build any kind of respectable feud and we know taker isn’t going to lose. Coming back for one match a year has got old… i grew up watching taker. He’s always been one of my favourite wrestlers but I believe he should have retired long ago and definitley after going 20-0 last year, Just a good number to finish on. I really don’t see what he has to gain by carrying on unless he actually lets someone beat him. For me, Punk as a heel has nothing to gain from a great loss to taker at maina.