Undertaker At Today's Tapings, JR Feels He's Surpassed Andre The Giant

Undertaker Advertised for Today's Tapings

Undertaker is advertised for Tuesday's Smackdown taping from the London O2 Arena in London, England. It's unknown if he'll appear on-camera as he's advertised in what will likely be a dark match main event, teaming with Randy Orton & Sheamus to take on The Shield.

JR Feels Undertaker Has Surpassed Andre the Giant

Speaking of Undertaker, Jim Ross had high praise for him Monday night on Twitter. Ross Tweeted:


  • Mark McMark

    Undertaker is the greatest ever.

    • Paul uk

      Agreed, Andres a legend but Undertaker is in a league of his own. Frankly he passed Andre the giant a long time ago.

  • Matt

    Undertaker has always been the best big man in the biz. I respect Andre a lot for what he did and achieved in the WWF but, lets be totally honest here, his size impacted his ring work. It was terrible. That match vs Hogan that we all so “fondly” remember because of one scoop slam was the second worst WM main event in history. Surpassed only by Bam Bam Bigelow vs LT Lawrence Taylor. (Was that his name?)

    • cobra

      You can’t base Andre the Giant’s wrestling ability on his match at Wrestlemania III. That was near the end of his career, wear his body had been run down from just being so large. Early in his career Andre performed dropkicks. But Vince McMahon Sr. discouraged him from doing moves like dropkick and just use his size and to be potrayed as (to quote the late, great Gorilla Monsoon) “the Immovable Object.” So while I think Undertaker is a better perfomer. But Andre the Giant will always be the Best Big Man.

      • KingKongBrody

        Well said!!

      • Matt

        As I said. No disrespect intended by my comment but Andre never impressed me. Big Shows popped off drop kicks. Viscera pulls off spinning heel kicks. That doesn’t make either great in the ring. People are too often blindsided by the idea Andre is a legend, yes he is. But ring wise he was never that gifted. He was a spectacle.

        • cobra

          You are wrong, Andre the Giant, ring wise was gifted. He knew how to use his greatest strength, his size. He used it better than any big man in the history of the business. That’s why Vince Sr. told him to stop doing moves like the (dropkick and I’m not saying that’s all he did, I’m just saying he was discouraged from doing moves that a normal size could do) he was huge he didn’t need, too.

  • Rambo Commander

    Undertaker had surpassed Andre as the greatest big man a long time back. I’m surprised JR took so long to acknowledge this, as he has always mentioned that Taker is the most respected superstar backstage. When it comes to pure skill, there is no doubt Taker is miles ahead of Andre.