Update On The Undertaker - Will He Work Wrestlemania XXVIII & The Latest On His Conditioning, What John Laurinaitis Was Doing This Weekend, Big Show Makes A Ridiculous Claim

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- While The Undertaker has underwent surgeries on his hip and shoulder since his match against Triple H at Wrestlemania XXVII earlier this year, the feeling is he will be ready to go by Wrestlemania XXVIII next year. There's been a lot of talk about his opponent, however, a decision has not been made. WWE is expected to heavily promote the fact "the streak" could go to 20-0 if The Undertaker is victorious. It's unknown what type of shape Undertaker is in physically as he does have permanent damage to his shoulder but is thought to be feeling much better.

- WWE Executive Vice President of Talent Relations John Laurinaitis was in Hendersonville, North Carolina on Saturday to scout talent at a High Velocity Wrestling show. The promotion is owned by Gary Benfield. Laurinaitis spoke to the roster backstage prior to the show and tried to calm the workers by saying, "who the [expletive] am I?"

- Big Show did media to promote yesterday's Raw Supershow in his home state of South Carolina and claimed his latest "injury" was the "worst ever." He alluded to Mark Henry "breaking his ankle." The injury was a work and Show was actually out on requested time off.

  • Jaryd

    Lol, that's pretty funny from Laurinaitis

  • LukeT

    If taker ever loses at mania I'll never watch WWE again

  • samantha_reichle

    I think Undertaker would take Nash on!!! haha or try and get Sting over here and the 2 icons fight it out at Wrestlemania!!!!

    • Matt K

      Kevin Nash was already a notch on the bedpost of the Streak. I think CM Punk would be a worthy adversary this year