Undertaker "Ice Bucket Challenge," Mark Henry/Rusev, New Era For Smackdown, WNW Helps #StrikeOutALS

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- The Undertaker took the ALS "Ice Bucket Challenge," however, the video is very difficult to watch due to no lighting. You can watch at this link or embedded in the video below:

- Mark Henry challenging Rusev on this week's Monday Night Raw after winning a tag team match was seen as a product of Raw scripts being "randomly pieced together."

- This week's episode of Smackdown will feature the new WWE logo. As we reported prior to SummerSlam, this week is considered the "start of the season" and the page turner. The finalization of the WWE logo began last Friday when Vince McMahon raised the new logo at corporate headquarters.

- Adam Wacker answered the challenge I issued as you can watch his video at this link or embedded in the video below:

- Jesse Sherwood got it started here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com.

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  • Ron

    Undertaker forgot to raise the lights lol

  • Brandon van Reenen

    SmackDown doesn’t even get a graphics update – but Superstars does?
    P.S. I streamed this Friday’s episode online in case people are wondering, but yeah – no intro, same graphics.

    • Ron

      I said the same thing.

  • AB

    I love that Taker didn’t flinch. Deadmen don’t feel the cold, after all.

  • Dave Barton

    Only two names I recognized that Taker challenged were Charles Wright (Papa Shango, aka Godfather) and Gunnar Calaway (Taker’s oldest child, an adult male).

  • Patrick

    I had to listen twice because the first time it didn’t sound like Undertaker….no I don’t expect him to be in character… but it didn’t sound like him.