Undertaker Injured At Wrestlemania 30, Reactions To The End Of The Streak

The Undertaker was legitimately injured in his match against Brock Lesnar and was taken from the Mercedes Benz Superdome to a local hospital via ambulance.  Early reports suggest he suffered a concussion and was hospitalized as of 2:30 AM EDT.

Below are reactions from social media in regards to Undertaker's streak ending:

  • ThePatDown

    I really hope the UT is ok. But it would sure suck if the streak ended like this where maybe it wasn’t supposed to end tonight. Maybe Taker was so out of it, he just didn’t kick out. Or maybe it ended the way it was supposed to. Who knows. I wonder if we’ll ever know the real story.

    • andy
      • andy

        Apparently it was stuffed up, brock changed the script of the story-line and it was suppose to end as 22-0 streak so brock would most likely end up being fired.

        • Mysterion

          Really? Enjoy that rag you read.

          • andy

            Yes, trust me it was a mistake and i could as well tell, the look on the undertaker, brock lesnar and heymans face. Brock wasn’t meant to kick out of the last tombstone.

          • Mysterion

            You’re wrong. Deal with it. Taker lost. I’m as gutted as anyone. I’ve been a fan 25 years. Last night a part of me died. But it’s over. It was the plan. Deal with it

          • andy

            Alright however you say so….

          • andy

            And yes i’m gutted as well, we will see what happens next tomorrow on Monday night raw.

          • Mysterion

            What I see is an article pertaining to a Vince quite that has not yet surfaced. You believe that then you are a fool.

      • RockVegas

        Way to pull info off a site that states they do satire news. Good investigating…superb.

  • Mandy

    Hope he is okay, it did look concerning when he took long to get up.

    • andy

      Yeah it did look concerning.

  • Dustyn

    I hope he’s okay. I wonder if the outcome that we saw, was the planned one. During the last several WrestleMania matches with him, I’ve always wondered if the production crew has both, in this case, “21-1” as well as “22-0” prepared for putting up on the screens post match.

    • Matt

      I’m almost certain they are absolutely ready for either way. I’m following this story currently and keep hearing news from it. I just updated the article with the latest. Seems like he’ll be fine.

  • Charlie Nonya

    My childhood will never be the same. I hope Taker is okay though.

    • Matt

      Once the shock of the match passes, we will realize how lucky we are. One of the most shocking moments in WWE history happened last night at Mania 30 and it will be talked about for decades to come. I just think about the Most Shocking Moments in WWE History DVD 30 years from now and this match being close to, if not topping, the list.

      • wwewritersoncrack?

        Shocking doesn’t make it good. What Hitler did in World War 2 was shocking, people are talking about that decades later too….

        • Scott Zukarinkuari Dixon

          Well that escalated quickly

        • DnveritasDavid

          Did you really compare the actions of Adolf Hitler during WWII, to the undertaker losing….lol….yeah I’m sure that makes sense… in the mind of a 7 year old rotfl ago

          • Mysterion

            And your argument sounds really mature with “rotfl” tagged on.

  • GOR

    I still think the ending of match & the streak was not planned.
    Borck lesner took 2 big moves, kicked out. Taker took 1 n all over.
    That’s not possible. They must have ended the match coz taker could not
    Luckily for brock that puts his lazy ass in record books.

    • devanshkotak

      he took 2 or 3 F5s. thats big enough

    • Mysterion

      Apparently 3 F5s isn’t enough.

    • John

      Of course it was planned, if it wasn’t then they wouldn’t have had the 21-1 image so quickly on the screen.

  • K!NG

    This is how I felt when rybacks streak ended . Lol jk but honestly I was truly shocked which is good undertaker went out like those before him on his back. That will never change the fact that he is one the greatest wrestlers and characters in wrestling history.

  • SweetCyn

    At least Captain America was good… and I cried, I’m a girl its what I do.

    • outkazt09

      You are using that meme incorrectly.

  • The Brock Lesnar Experience

    Was that the reaction to the end of the Miz’s streak?

  • Cubed56

    Does anyone know at what part of the match Taker suffered the concussion?

    • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese

      When he lost to Brock. He realized what he did and it blew his mind

      • Cubed56


  • Evon Callaway Bitterweed Reese

    Wrestle Mania 30. April 6, 2014. The day Wrestling died. That’s my reaction and yep I’m still mad.