The Undertaker To "Pass The Torch" To Roman Reigns?

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According to the Wrestling Observer, this year's Wrestlemania will likely be the last appearance of the Undertaker due to his declining health and we are very likely to see him take on Roman Reigns in a major marquee match. The thought is that Roman is not getting over as the top babyface like Vince McMahon would like and he hopes that this will be a "passing of the torch" to get Roman over as either a main-level face or heel. It's still unclear which direction Roman will go in during this match.


  • Richard

    If they’re going to flip Roman heel then a feud with Undertaker would be a perfect way to do it

  • Simon Veitch

    I look at it this way, if they’re doing Taker vs Roman, there is no way known that Roman is getting cheered. If that’s the case, roll with it. If WWE is finally realising that it’s not working as a face, now is the time to change him up. As much as I absolutely despise this idea, if Roman Reigns was to defeat the Undertaker, he would be booed for the foreseeable future with minimal hope of recovery, which might be a good thing for him. I don’t WANT him to beat Taker, but it might be for the best for Roman’s career.

  • Rus

    We could see that he was declining in health against HHH hell in a cell and def against Brock Lesnar he had a few good matches but I don’t think Vince will be happy until he sees Undertaker pass away in the ring

  • Vince is bound and determined to shove Roman down our throats. Apparently, this desire knows no bounds. He will FORCE Roman to be heel now. He can’t stay face if this happens. SMH…

  • Shadowfox

    The only way this will work is if he is a heel for the foreseeable future. Unless he loses, the internet smarks will accept that too.

    That said, someone will have to explain to me how one wrestler is “shoved down our throats”. Only I don’t see how it is any different from the same wrestlers we see every week.

  • Meanie40

    There’s *zero* chance of ever pushing him as a face if this match happens.

    I can see the “monster heel” attempt by having Roman win an absurdly one sided match, “sending Undertaker into retirement” in kayfabe.

    Roman’s right on the edge of nuclear heat at this point though, so I don’t know if that would help or hurt.


    If Roman does go into this feud then he is the heel automatically. No other way this will go.

  • kingdook24

    So basically, the outcome of this match is already spoiled. Reigns will go over the Undertaker at WM.

    No comment.