Undertaker Returns At WWE Live Event In Waco, Texas

The Undertaker returned to WWE at Saturday night's Smackdown live event in Waco, Texas. He teamed with Sheamus to face Damien Sandow & Wade Barrett.

Information is coming in very quickly and we have not confirmed if Undertaker has agreed to work Wrestlemania 29. He lives just over an hour and a half away from Waco in Austin, Texas. My gut tells me he didn't make this big of a surprise to work one non-televised bout.

Below are some photos:


  • HECK YEAH! looks like we’ll be seeing him at Mania, then! This makes me so happy!

    • ericdraven86

      This is good news, but maybe a questionable call. taker only has so many matches left, why waste one on a house show?

      • It was a tag match and not all matches are equal – it’s possible to have a match without breaking a sweat or even slightly hurting yourself – but that sort of match isn’t going to be a show-stealer at Wrestlemania. He has a very limited number of matches where he can put his body on the line.

  • I think the only person who knows how many matches he has left in him is Undertaker himself.

    Great news. RAW will do huge ratings Monday.

  • Willie

    Hope this good news….. but i bet he did this for ring rust and to see if he still got it!!!! If it goes to plan i hope he save vince from brock lesner & Hayman to set up taker vs lesner & make it a 3way Rock vs Cena vs Punk