Undertaker Returns To WWE For Wrestlemania 30 Match With Brock Lesnar

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Undertaker made his return to WWE on this week's episode of Monday Night Raw.

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman came out with Heyman speaking "on behalf of his client." Heyman talked down The Authority and said Lesnar wanted to make history. Heyman's promo was cut off by the gong as Undertaker came out in his full DeadMan gear with the lights down.

He got in the ring and went face-to-face with Lesnar. The crowd chanted loudly for Undertaker as the camera panned out to capture the Wrestlemania XXX logo. Brock told him to "sign the damn contract." Lesnar signed first and handed Undertaker the pen. Undertaker stabbed Lesnar with the pen right in the hand then chokeslammed him through a table that was setup in the ring.

Undertaker looked up at the Wrestlemania logo as the lights went back down and Undertaker's lights and music hit. Brock Lesnar was shown laid out as they ran replays. Undertaker exited to end the show.

Below is video of the final segment:

  • Jimbo

    Loving the ministry hybrid look!!!!

  • los

    it dosnt matter how many times you hear that Gong go off you cant help but jump and down like a little kid when The Undertaker makes his return

    • Rambo Commander

      Yes, that is the Undertaker’s magic and only he can create it. That is why he is special.

  • Garbs

    I swear, how many times do you get to see grown men squeal with joy?

    • Rambo Commander

      Right 🙂

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      oh thank god I’m not the only one!

  • Brian

    Brock is going to beat taker this time. Pretty obvious. I want taker to win but its pretty obvious this is his final hurrah and brock will beat him as it is takers last wrestlemania and what better way to make history than to beat the undefeated one

    • Rambo Commander

      Wrong. Next year Taker fights Sting and retires undefeated at Mania.

      • Brian

        How do u know this? This is supposed to be takers final wm so it would make sense he lose to brock even if I don’t want him to lose to brock. The story line goes as brock wants to make history so what better way then to beat the undefeated one. Wont be history if he loses.

        • Garbs

          WWE might not listen to what the fans want, but they listen to money. And they will make it known that it is Undertaker’s last WM (when that time comes). Who wouldn’t pay to see his last match?

        • ryan256

          shut up troll

        • APHX10

          Since when does it make sense to EVER lose? This is the one record that needs to remain for as long as possible to pay respect to a wrestling figure more popular than Hogan.
          The past 5 years every wrestler wants to make history (e.g. Punk with stealing the earn).
          You must be too young to know the impact of Taker. I’m not going to insult you like others will.
          Taker wins. Its Wrestlemania XXX. You don’t let Taker lose. Not to someone he doesn’t like off the matt too.

        • JR Texx (Jamie)

          They say it’s his final wrestlemania every year, he’ll be back, of corse it’s history if he loses, it might be a loss, but he goes down to one of few people that have gone against The Undertaker, I’d take that as an honor.

      • Terry

        Your actually dumb enough to think that Sting is coming to the WWE? It’s not gonna happen, so grow up and move on

        • John

          I really don’t think the Undertaker match will happen now, i think the ship has sailed on that one. However Sting will definitely be joining WWE after WrestleMania. In what capacity I have no idea.

  • SweetCyn

    True Undertaker Fact: Freddy Krueger once invaded the Undertaker’s dreams, not realizing what he had done. The Undertaker turned the dream into Wrestlemania and said, “GET OUT!” To which Freddy replied, “Y-yes sir… won’t happen again.” I ln a very childlike voice.

    • JR Texx (Jamie)

      When Nightmarish characters like Freddy or Chuckie have nightmares, they have nightmares about The Undertaker.

      Even Chuck Norris looks up to The Undertaker.

      • King A sshole

        Chuck Norris wears Batman Pajamas. Batman wears Undertaker Pajamas.
        The Undertaker once a baby, Keyboard Cat and a box of puppies from a fire… with both arms tied behind his back and blindfolded.

        • JR Texx (Jamie)

          I want that too see that as a picture, Undertaker walking out of a burning building with all that in hand

  • Rambo Commander

    Whenever the Undertaker retires, the entire Wrestlemania will be built around him. So those idiots who think this is Taker’s last Mania match need to wake up and grow up. Also, he need not lose and retire like the other wrestlers. If Trish Stratus retired on a winning note, so can the Undertaker. He will retire with the streak intact and it could be against Sting next year – but definitely not this year.

    And those worried about Lesnar being very physical against Taker – surely the WWE has thought it over and told him to wrestle safe. He also seemed to sell the chokeslam pretty well on Raw today, which means it should be a good match if he plays good. If Lesnar does anything to hurt Taker, you think HHH/ Stephanie will not end his career right there?

  • shawn1

    I love the Undertaker, when that gong hit I got chils down my spine and was excited (im 31 yrs old) but he looked bad and he looked old. Truth is brock could be fighting roman reigns, bray wyatt, big e langston or daniel bryan to name a few. This is what CM Punk and Mick Foley talks about, this should be it he is taking time away from rising stars. Love him ta death but its been 24 yrs

    • Michael Pinion

      That is kind of backwards. It is two part time guys going after it. They are not taking any time away from anyone. It is a novelty.

  • Dave

    undertaker looks like he’s in the best shape of his life, hopefully he has a match or two before wm, but i won’t be sad with a few taker promos either

  • JR Texx (Jamie)

    Just one question, did anyone else have the thought that Undertaker had lost some weight? I thought he looked thiner or “leaner” last night.

    • Olabode Owoeye

      Yes he had lost some weight. The earlier he stop wrestling the better for his health. I love undertaker and fear him such that seeing someone beating him makes me angry. He is truelly an Icon.