Undertaker The GOAT?, WM29 Rushed, Cena As Champ, Silent Crowd, Match Scrapped

When will WWE realize Undertaker should always go last at Wrestlemania? Every year the crowd dies down after his matches no matter what happens next.

I agree, The Undertaker is impossible to follow at Wrestlemania. We've seen him do what he did at Wrestlemania 29 before (saving the show with an outstanding match) yet we all wondered going in what CM Punk would be able to get out of him. Here's a guy that works one match a year and consistently puts on "match of the year" candidates. Following his match against CM Punk, the conversation has shifted.  We need to start having serious debate on whether or not Undertaker is the greatest of all-time. I almost feel bad for even doubting what we would get out of the bout this year. Undertaker not only showed he hasn't "lost a step" in the ring but his physical conditioning was very good as well. He certainly looked the part and did not disappoint.

Why were there no interviews or backstage segments at Wrestlemania 29?

WWE overbooked the show with too many matches. Sean Hopkins and I were texting this morning about what they could have cut and we both concluded it should have been the video promo packages. There were no interviews or backstage segments because WWE knew they were going to be pressed on time. This is also why the three main events where back-to-back-to-back.

Since John Cena beat The Rock at WrestleMania what's left for John Cena to accomplish?

John Cena is the "face of WWE" and I took his title win and embrace with The Rock afterwards as a literal passing of the torch. My concern has to do with the amount of fans that have already "check out" on Cena and given up on him. How much longer can WWE ride the Cena character without some type of gimmick progression? Are they just going to let him go "as is" until he finally burns out? I'm not surprised Cena beat The Rock and feel this is the outcome that had to happen if they weren't going to swerve.

Do you expect better crowd reactions at Wrestlemania XXX in New Orleans compared to what we saw at Wrestlemania 29?

The crowd at Wrestlemania XXX will come across better on pay-per-view because it's a closed dome stadium. The problem with open-air stadiums is the sound gets out. One thing I felt was problematic throughout Wrestlemania 29 was the crowd came off as silent (making it feel as though they were apathetic). I noted in my Richard Reacts that you could often hear single fans saying things to Brock Lesnar. You could also hear workers calling spots in the ring.

What happened to the 8-Person Tag Team Match at Wrestlemania 29?

The match was cut due to time constraints. We heard when Diddy was performing early on in the show they were already 17-minutes behind. It turned out WWE was unable to make up the time and as a result had to cut a bout from the show. I can't help but feel bad for Brodus Clay as you can read his reaction at this link.

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  • Owen Hall

    Maybe they should stop holding shows in open-air stadiums then.

    • Noelz

      I don’t think it was the stadium…when the crowd actually liked something they were clearly heard…taker v punk…Daniel Bryan and the yes chants…randy orton…the rock…or in cenas case when they didn’t like something…so I don’t think the open air was the problem

  • Joey

    Fun Fact: Both of Brock Lesnar’s losses since returning have involved the steel steps.

  • Leewils79

    No debate to be had the undertaker is by far the greatest of all time. Anyone who is capable of stealing the show on a continual basis has to be proof in itself

    • Skyrim

      Shawn Michaels is the GOAT. Undertaker is easily one of the top in ring performers but HBK is in a different class. If wwe could pour half the effort in to other peoples storylines as they do into making Takers opponents look believeable (despite the fact that everyone knows hes going to win) then we would have much better wrestlemania matches.

      Undertaker is protected every year with decent build up and great opponents, and has yet to have a match that tops his matches with HBK.

      • Destruction EWA

        My personal opinion is that while HBK was the Greatest In-Ring performer – Undertaker has the greatest all around package. The gimmick, his Paul Bearer pairing, his Mic-Work, his In-Ring work and his ability to steal the show even when his body is how it is, and he’s been wrestling for 25-odd years makes him the best ever in an All Around sense.

        • Skyrim

          True, i may have been looking at it purely from an In ring perspective. In the sense of overall carreer achievement its definitely hard to argue against Taker as GOAT (though again HBK can rack up similar arguments in regards to his performance/mic work/and gimmicks). Besides those 2 though is there anyone else people would consider for this list? Flair and Hogan pushing their careers past the point of relevance nixes them from any list, and Austin/Rock/Hart cut themselves out by having careers that ended too early and primarily lacking in certain areas of their overall package.

          • Destruction EWA

            Sting would be my pick had he succeeded in WWE, but the other candidate for me would be Kurt Angle. Olympic Gold Medalist – great on the mic whether being comedic or serious – one of – if not the best in ring talents of all time etc.

  • Kings of Wrestling

    After all the doubting that was going on for Takers and Punks match. I think we all know what the match of the night was. Lesnar and HHH was boring. Repeat moves. Same kind of ending as Cena with the steps. Rock and Cena was ok but all the moves were expected. Then you could tell it was the end because you could see the Rock say here we go.

  • What’s with the Undertaker THE GOAT headline? Am I missing something?

    • Rich

      GOAT = Greatest Of All Time

    • GOAT face…. 😛

    • Ah now I see, haha was never the greatest at abbreviations, jeez no need to vote it down, was just a question?

    • Kenneth

      I’m glad you posted this. I didn’t get the acronym. I was going to make a lame Danial Bryan joke.

      • u have a goat face…. 😛

  • I’m surprised they didn’t mention Punk’s ring attire, how it was undertaker colors. Something that little just added so much more. Wonder how many people really noticed that. I didn’t hear them saying anything on commentary.

    • The talked it up on the post-show

    • Skyrim

      Clearly too subtle for the WWE announcers to pick up on without having someone out back spoonfeed it to them through the earpieces

  • tone

    sorry but the Nature Boy Ric Flair is the greatest of all time

  • I don’t buy that it was quiet because it was an open aires stadium. Why are football games in open aired stadiums so loud then?

  • Winnipeg

    As bad as we are all saying how Wrestlemania was. We’ll see how it reflects in the next few ppv buy rates.

    • Noelz

      Sadly that’s what matters…buy rates…even if the show was crap…if it sold well they’ll be happy…good buy rates aren’t indicative of a good show…they should really ask after the show how any would want refunds that would be a true indicator of how the show was

    • Snap

      Well, high buy rates do not equal quality just as low buy rates do not equal garbage. People pretty much buy PPVs on the hype they’re given, they could spend $70 and feel they received a lackluster product. It’s no wonder the show is one of the “highest grossing” events, considering they’ve significantly jacked up the price over the years.

  • The Breaker

    The Undertaker is without a doubt one of the greatest to ever step in a ring. But, to me, both Flair and Hogan still stand above him on the list because of the historical impact of their careers on the sport and culture of wrestling.

  • JYD

    If Taker and Punk had gone last, at least there may have been a 5% chance Punk wins.

  • keith

    I was there. The crowed was hot. But was burnt out after takers match. Also seemed like the way the ring was mic’d up and playing through the PA you heard things around the ring very easily.

  • Monty

    I know taker use to put on great matches but do you think Richard he really step his game up after the 1st match he had with HBK? I feel like since than he has had 5 star matches each time at WM

    His match with orton few years back was awesome
    I like the matches he had with Kane and Kevin Nash
    His match with Kurt angle was awesome

    Than he matches with big boss man and mark Henry were boring, but that has more to do with his opponent.

    I know he has had a long streak but I feel like VInce and wwe has struck gold, they wanted to break the streak few times along the road but I am glad they didn’t now undertaker at WM30 in my home time NOLA in the DOME.

    I want Taker vs Sting

    But I have a gut feeling we will get Taker vs cena or taker vs orton

    • Jeremy

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but Undertaker never faced Kurt Angle at any Wrestlemania.

  • Lisa

    I was there.

    After the Taker and Cm Punk match (which had everyone on their feet), the crowd was burnt out and dead for the beginning of Triple H and Brock. I could see people walking out to get food and use the restroom. It didn’t get consistently loud again until HBK starting getting involved.

  • I think I’m not alone in this when I say I expected a major finish to Cena/Rock 2. I’ll say it, I expected a Cena heel turn and I don’t care if that’s a naive thought because I really don’t care for Cena. I watched the match and all I was waiting for they shocker, like John Laurinitus to come out and cost The Rock the match or for The Shield to come out and help Cena win. Something that would add shock value to a very predictable Wrestlemania. It’s safe to say this WM has become the most predictable one of all time. Like a friend of mine said, it’s not about the fans anymore it’s just
    About the money to Vince. He doesn’t care about what the fans wanna see. And before anyone say I paid for the ppv, no I didn’t pay, but I still complain because I’m passionate about the business because if I wasn’t I wouldn’t give a crap.

    • Gary Robert

      Same here. I waited till the very end, hoping Cena would turn and just hit Rocky with the belt and walk off to boos.

    • Vince does care about what the fans want to see, he just doesn’t care about what the IWC wants to see since they make up such a small percentage of the WWE fanbase.

      • Did you hear the crowd last night???? You mean to tell me the sell out crowd at the IZod center were all IWCers? Think again bro! Cena’s character is desperate need of a change! What pisses me and many ppl off is that he gets booed and yet he goes out of his way to kiss their asses. He’s got not balls left!

        • You mean the 16,ooo people at Raw that make up less than 1% of the WWE’s audience every week, yes I heard them and who cares what that horrible crowd thinks. The fact is that the WWE has 3-5 million people to please every week and they shouldn’t change things up with Cena just because a small percentage of the WWE’s audience wants them to.

  • Stoney

    Vince is no longer a creative genius the only thing he can still do is promote. He used to pride himself on taking risks and thinking outside the box now is surrounded by yes men and is completely gutless.