Undertaker vs. Sting At WM30?, TNA Equivalent To SD, HHH's Accident, Once In A Lifetime Rematch

While I do not know the circumstances of Sting's current TNA contract (he usually signs one year deals) do you think the WWE should bite the bullet and do whatever it takes to make Undertaker vs. Sting happen at Wrestlemania XXX?

There is no way we can assume Undertaker will be good to go for Wrestlemania XXX next year. He wasn't even sure about Wrestlemania 29 this year until just a few weeks ago. As a huge fan of Undertaker, the end is very near if not upon us. This is why I will continue to push the idea of CM Punk over Undertaker until the match happens. As for Sting, he does work in TNA on a year-to-year basis and was very close to coming to WWE a couple years ago. In an interview last summer, Sting said he was a 9 on a scale of 10 [when asked how close he was to going to WWE]. He won't rule out a WWE run and we all know better to say never in this business.

If TNA ever wants ratings like WWE why not host a secondary television show like Smackdown?

I don't understand this question. How would a secondary show help ratings? A secondary show just adds more expense and more pressure to carry a viable audience. TNA needs to focus 100% on Impact Wrestling and expanding their brand. Smackdown wasn't launched until Monday Night Raw was clearly established as a very popular cable TV program. Eric Bischoff blamed the downfall of WCW on a second live show in Thunder.  Recap shows and other programming is fine, but to try and launch another two-hour series of fresh programming to advance storylines would not be a good idea at this point.

So can you find out the answer to the burning question: did Triple H pee his pants or not?

We posted photos here on WrestlingNews.net, questioning whether or not Hunter had an accident during his segment with Brock Lesnar on Raw a couple weeks ago. Triple H said note to self, he'll never go to the ring to fight a guy that big with a full bladder.

What are your thoughts on WWE doing The Rock vs. John Cena at Wrestlemania 29 one year after billing the bout as "Once in a Lifetime"? Did WWE con the fans?

I don't like the idea of a Rock vs. Cena rematch at Wrestlemania 29 this year. The bout was billed as "Once in a Lifetime" last year and should have remained as such. There isn't as much interest in a rematch but Vince McMahon was in favor they do it again for the WWE title. I won't go as far as saying WWE conned fans but it's fair to say they over accentuated the importance of the bout last year for promotional purposes. Perhaps Vince was following the Mayan calendar and when the world didn't end last year, he ordered the high drawing match to be done again.

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  • LMAO Triple P!

    • Nick Riviera

      How about, Tinkle H? lol I kill me!

    • JP

      Piss Pants Paul, Hall of Fame 2014.

  • Stoney

    typical Bischoff blaming WCWs demise on a 2nd show. Not giving too many people contracts where they had 100% control over their characters, never creating new stars and only focusing on the present and established stars, overuse of the NWO, backstage politics, the fingerpoke of doom, A c-list celebrity as world heavyweight champion, and Bischoff always trying to be better than the WWF (goldberg vs hogan on Nitro for the title anyone?)

  • Mark J.

    Richard, you know the business well enough to know that CM Punk will NOT beat the Undertaker. The biggest reason has nothing to do with Vince’s alleged infatuation with the streak itself. If Punk were to win, it would completely (and justifiably) take much of the attention away from Cena’s victory over The Rock. In fact, it would completely kill the momentum of the card that night … because everyone would be shocked, and the atmosphere would slowly fizzle. Whether people like it or not, you just don’t dilute the event with two “insurmountable” victories. Vince wants to savor the hot NY/NJ crowd, regardless of how he decides to spin the match/storyline. “Pushing” for a Punk victory is pure folly, even if it sounds good on paper.

    • Chris

      That is the most sane and logical argument against a Punk win thus far, solid.

      • Cheddar

        Except for, everybody already knows Cena is going to win it back from The Rock (maybe even that night), so all that excitement goes poof up in the air. If anything, it would actually add to the memorability of this Wrestlemania if Punk went over, thus making people talk about this WM for ages, and cementing not only Punk vs. Taker, but Cena/Rock 2 as well.

    • Xavier

      And let’s not forget the fact that Punk himself said that he’s retiring in 2015 anyway. Wouldn’t make any sense for Pubk to break the streak whatsoever if he’s not sticking around for the long haul

      • Gary Robert

        He’s not retiring in a year.

    • Connor

      Well surely if Undertaker were to lose at Wrestlemania, it would be his last match ever, thus presumably being the closing match at Mania like they did for Michaels. And as for killing the crowd with Cena beating The Rock, personally I don’t see it that way, I feel very much the same as I did last year, with that being there’s no way The Rock will beat Cena, which was how the majority of wrestling fans felt and it didn’t stop the fans from being invested in the match. Cena beating The Rock isn’t insurmountable, this is Tyson vs Ali, not Buster Douglas.

    • The Breaker

      Well said. They also couldn’t just make history by having Punk beat Taker, and then move on to the WWE Title match. It would feel almost insignificant compared to what we just witnessed. So, in my opinion, if they really want to sell us on Punk even having a shot in hell of beating The Undertaker, they have to go on last.

    • Patrick

      your all so forgetting if Undertaker loses it takes a way one of the biggest selling points to WM. Yes one day Undertaker will retire but untill then there is no need to lose a big selling point for WM The streak is the biggest thing for WM even bigger the both Title Belts held by Alberto and Rock.

      • Gary Robert

        And if he retires than that point of sale is gone and never has a chance to be used to actually help the future story lines of the company. These are STORY LINES, not a real guy kicking ass against someone like UFC. Story line-wise, writing-wise, creative-wise, the “streak” needs to be used to make another performer BIGGER. Have him go under to CM Punk, Punk gets pushed into the heel stratosphere, has a great storyline to continue to spew to the crowd to get heat each and every night, then have Taker come back and beat him next year in a re-match. Taker retires having beaten everyone he has faced at WM and goes out on top getting revenge against the only guy to have beaten him. You build guys up so that they can then build guys up when their time comes.

  • PainOfDemise

    Hopefully the Undertaker can make it another year after this Wrestlemania. I think they should build it up as Undertakers last match should they know for sure. This I think will make the buyrates really go up as a lot of people would want to tune in for that.
    As both guys are up there, I’m not sure if a Sting vs. Undertaker would be the best way for him to end his match. I don’t think they could really get a match that epic that would be good for him to end on.

    • While they are both up there in years, Sting has proven that he can still go at a high level. I know if Taker vs Sting were to happen, it would be an intense bout.

  • George Waldman

    If Cena vs. The Rock was for the title LAST year, like it SHOULD have been, we wouldn’t need a rematch.

  • Xavier

    What’s the fascination of seeing Taker vs Sting all about? Taker/Cena or Taker/Lesnar would be million times more fun to watch. Sting is a legend no doubt about it but he hasn’t been all that great in the ring in years

  • Guest

    The ship has sailed for Sting vs Taker.

  • Can we PLEASE stop with this Taker Vs Sting already

  • Patrick

    I’m against Punk going over Undertaker I have always said and felt Undertaker should retire undefeated end of story.

  • John

    I wasn’t all that into another Rock/Cena match.. That was until this past week on RAW! For me, that was the best promo they have ever done together. Much better than anything they did last year.

  • I think if Undertaker goes to WM30. it will be against Cena. gut feeling

    • Xavier

      And that’s the way it should be. Taker/Cena would be a huge draw. People would invest in it, they would invest in it even more if Cena beats Rock this year. You Taker’s streak in his last match ever vs the top guy in the company who always overcomes no matter the odds. And people would actually believe that Cena has a chance to do it. Taker should win though IMO. However, if Cena wins it should be dirty this turning him heel.

      • Yung

        Is it just me or does does WWE always tease a Cena heel turn before the last and this years mania. Last year being when he went crazy and nearly destroyed Kane and this year when he came out smirking at the Rock.

  • Dan

    I wonder what the undertaker himself wants. Maybe he does want cm punk to go over.

  • Gary Robert

    If, for argument’s sake CM Punk beats Undertaker…everyone concerned about losing the crowd. Wanna know what will bring the crowd back if Cena/Rock goes on after that match? The years-in-waiting Cena heel turn. Talk about possible truly memorable WM.

  • GMW

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  • Justin

    Looks like they stole the theme for the most recent WcW logo (if you dont know what im talking about look it up).