Update On The Undertaker & Details Regarding His Latest Surgery - Is He Expected To Work Survivor Series?, Who He Is Pushing For As A Wrestlemania XXX Opponent

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To update on Undertaker's status from Monday's installment of Ask WNW, we're told he just had hip surgery and doesn't think there is any way he'll recover in time to work Survivor Series in November.

One observer said there are those in WWE who feel they should stop pressuring him to come back throughout the year and just focus on making sure he does Wrestlemania. He's "limping around" around now but is optimistic about the show next year. We're told he is still pushing for a match against Brock Lesnar.

There are, however, many factors that could change this including The Rock changing his mind about working. If he decides to work, the feeling is that Vince McMahon will want to do Brock vs. Rock.


  • Xavier

    I agree, it’s pointless for WWE creative to try to get Taker to work any other dates other then Wrestlemania at this point. And I know I will take all kinds of crap for saying this but I hope the Rock changes his mind and decides to work Mania. A Rock vs Brock match would leave Taker available to face Cena which would epic. It would also remove Cena from the rumored Cena/Triple H match that was reported here earlier thus freeing up Triple H to face Daniel Bryan which makes a lot sense right now with the angle that is currently going. Basically what I’m saying is that with Rock on the card I think it opens up the possibility for better match ups thru out the card, it’s a trickle down effect.

    • Matt

      Are you kidding me?? Cena/Taker would be straight CaCa!!

      • Gary Robert

        Cena/Taker makes more sense that any other Taker opponent so I agree.

      • LeBron James

        You have got to be the most annoying poster on this forum by far.

        • Matt

          So’s your face!..

        • Scott Davies

          Its a big time money match that keeps Cena away from the WWE Title.

          • Mark

            And for the first time there is a proper threat to the streak. If anyone is gonna break it ever then Cena is the only one I can see having a chance to be allowed to.