Undertaker's Caskets In WWE Warehouse, WWE Finds Use For CM Punk's Facebook

Undertaker's Caskets

The Undertaker's caskets are featured in the latest episode of WWE Warehouse. You can watch here on dot com.

WWE Finds Use in CM Punk Facebook

WWE has found a good use for CM Punk's Facebook page as they used it to plug a video playlist on dot com of "Surprising WWE Walkouts." You can check out the post below:

  • BlazeKing

    Very childish of a company that just lost $340 million dollars.

    • Deal With It

      Such a smarky reply….

    • Hugh

      Is it not childish though for the people that go to the shows and ruin it by chanting for him. The sooner they realise he is gone and hes not coming back the better.

      • James

        The people who chant know what happened and are telling Vince, Stephanie and Paul about how they treated him and want him back. Hugh, this is another way that the WWE Universe, like how we wanted Daniel Bryan to win WWE Heavy Weight Title, that they need to stop ignoring us.

        • JR Texx (Jamie)

          The WWE Universe don’t know, HE WALKED OUT, it’s down to him (CM Punk) to go back, they should be spamming his twitter or something, chanting at RAW won’t do anything.

          • James

            Maybe I should have said the majority of the Universe knows it, you seem like one of the few who don’t.