Undertaker's Promo On Raw, New Talent At WM29, Bully Ray Controversy, Swagger's Court Date

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Do you think Undertaker "phoned in" his promo on this week's WWE Raw? It seemed rushed and didn't have that chilling quality we're used to seeing him he speaks.

The Undertaker didn't come off good on the mic on this week's episode of WWE Raw. I actually thought the entire show was very weak with the exception of the triple-threat match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship. I obviously can't explain why Undertaker was off but I've included the segment below so readers can post their reactions in the comments section.

What do you think about the new guys coming in and getting a spot in Wrestlemania over other guys? The Shield is good, but I'm sure there are people angry that they are got a spot. Big E just seems like he got lucky and didn't earn it.

A lot has been written and discussed about this year's Wrestlemania but I think this is the first concern someone has had about WWE using too much new talent. It's absolutely essential that WWE utilize some up and comers with Wrestlemania 29 being so heavy on part-time talent. We've seen hotshot booking get WWE in trouble time and time again and I'm all for the inclusion of The Shield, Big E Langston, Dolph Ziggler and any other names they can sneak on the card. I'm actually hoping Chris Jericho can get the best out of Fandango, assuming the match makes the show.

Will Bully Ray be forced to vacate the TNA Championship due to his homophobic slur?

I don't see TNA blowing up creative plans because of Bully Ray's rant laced with homophobic slurs. I also don't want it to seem like I'm glossing over this.  Bully's comments were not right and shouldn't be used in any situation but he was working when he made the comments. Bully apologized and Dixie Carter seemed to incorporate her storyline disdain for Aces and Eights with her apology.  I look at this situation in detail in a new article posted here on TNANews.com.  I humbly seek your input on this issue.

What happened with Jack Swagger's court date that was scheduled for March 12th?

Jack Swagger's plea date for his February arrest was March 12, 2013 in Biloxi, Mississippi. Swagger postponed the date as he had to work last week's Smackdown taping in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I'm told Vince McMahon told Swagger to push the date back and WWE was treating him as innocent until proven guilty.

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  • Seth Iser

    If you want a guess as to why he was off. I attribute it partly to rust in terms of cuting a promo and partly to age starting to seep through his voice. It was starting to get more noticable over the years but I think he’s starting to decay on the mic. It’s a thought…

  • Patrick

    some fans on other wrestling forums and facebook boards were all bent out of shape over Bully Ray having to apologize….they pointed out he is a heel and as a heel he is supposed to gain heat….and that he said much worse in his ECW days…………they felt him apolgizeing made him look like a wimp…….I think wiether he is right or wrong those were different times and days. people were not as sencitve about things as they are in today’s world.

    • opie

      It’s not that people were less sensitive. It’s that he could say something without a video being available for worldwide viewing two minutes after. Typically the people who were bothered by it back in the ECW days never would’ve seen it because if they were the types of people to be bothered by somthing, they wouldn’t be watching ECW.

  • Homophobic slur??? WHO CARES! The word is too overly sensitive these days. Ppl need to get over something so mundane and minor!!

    • opie

      If he called him the n-word, would that have been mundane and minor?

      • Tim

        Well he wasn’t black so that’s just a stupid question

        • opie

          So it’s ok to use the n-word if you’re talking to a white guy?

      • Earl

        Nothing cuzz, i bin call dem hom boiz by n wor all da time but i bin be dark skin coz i dun lib in bush dere ib whte man dun say it den wes fin it dspecful coz u dun see us mob sayn ay looc at dat whit maliga oba dere.

  • sexypugsynn

    Can you say not guilty till after wm29 then your guilty and toast.

  • jdl

    Taker has never been that great at promos, there’s a reason he’s typically the big, silent and scary guy, he just doesn’t make a convincing talker.

  • Slur?? Not in Jack Swaggers America.

  • Rich

    Maybe taker was so disgusted at having to take part in a cheap and dirty heat seeking promo

  • Jared

    Absolutely dumb Bully Ray had to Apologize. I wouldn’t of apologized if I were him. People need to get a life these days if that is the worst thing they’ve heard. I say that’s gay and things like that all the time and nobody says to watch what I say to me.

    • opie

      You should watch what you say. What are you, 15?

      • Tim

        What are you gay?

        • Jared

          Nope, proud Heterosexual!

          • Jared

            whoops, you were talking to opie, sorry.

        • opie

          Maybe I am, you bigoted troll.

      • StraightEdgeForLife

        Wow. Are you really saying that the word ‘gay’ is offensive pal? Out of all the words/terms/expressions used to describe someone who is attracted to someone of the same sex, ‘gay’ is probably the least so called, offensive. So what do YOU refer to someone as who is attracted to the same sex? just curious…

        • opie

          Saying that a homosexual person is gay is fine. Saying that something is gay because you don’t like it is offensive. Try to keep up, pal.

          • StraightEdgeForLife

            I’m gonna guess you are around 85 years old. Am I close?

          • opie

            Why? Because I think I think it’s wrong to equate “gay” with “bad”?

          • StraightEdgeForLife

            It’s just a word to describe how one feels about something. It’s really not a big deal…

          • opie

            So if I find something unsatisfactory, it would be ok for me to call it, say, n****rish? I mean, that’s just a word to describe how one feels about something, so it’s really not a big deal, right?

          • StraightEdgeForLife

            Not at all! I encourage it. There are far too many sensitive people out there. We all need to relax and enjoy life. Don’t take everything so personal and so serious 🙂

          • opie

            Well, I disagree with you on some points, but I think we can both live with that. Well played.

          • StraightEdgeForLife

            Thank you kind sir 🙂 and obviously nothing against your opinion. We are all entitled to them right?! I just always remember growing up hearing the expression ‘sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me’.

  • Tim

    Who cares what he said why do people get so butthurt over words these days

    • Yung

      “Butthurt” no pun intended.

  • John

    I’m not sold on Richard’s argument that Undertaker should lose at WrestleMania, however one point i do agree with, is that this should be his last match. He looks so old that i can’t even take his gimmick seriously anymore, and i used to love The Undertaker!

    Having said that, i do think he will have one last match against John Cena at WrestleMania 30!

  • Dustin Ferrare

    I thought Undertaker’s promo was good actually. When he said, “Im gonna hurt you and hurt you bad!” it reminded me of his biker gimmick days which I feel was his best gimmick. Everyone feels the Cena/PTP promo was too cartoonish but yet people want to have Undertaker be some sort of fictional demon, saying things like “rest in peace”, “Im going to take your soul”, and stricking people with lightning from the ring. Thats cartoonish. Id rather him just be a man with a dark personality that other guys fear then some sort of power from the underworld.

  • Jordan De La O

    (Mike Tenay) It’s Jack Swagger from wwe, what is he doing here in TNA?

    • opie

      Vince would’ve already started to bury Swagger if he had any intention of future endeavoring him. My guess is that Vince will ride this gimmick as long as he can, then Swagger will go back to the spot he had a few months ago — the spot on his couch.

      • Razmos

        Im surprised you havent thrown a hissy fit over the fact that Swaggers current storyline involves him being slighty racist!!

        • opie

          Ha! No, I actually like the storyline, although they could’ve chosen someone other than Swagger for the role (I like Swagger, but I think this angle really needed a more articulate guy). It’s real. Both sides of it are real, and I appreciate that. I’m not some limp-wristed do-gooder who can’t take an edge. I think a good heel should be cause a stir. It’s a performance. You should be able to connect to the stories and become invested in the characters. If WWE started an angle where a heel started using pejoratives, I could connect to that story. I would want to see that guy destroyed. Now, if they tried to have a guy like Cena doing it, I would be bothered by that.

  • I think WWE is going the wrong with Undertaker and Punk, they’ve made Undertaker terrifying and unstoppable for years at Wrestlemania, now we have the reverse, Punk taunting Undertaker, and Undertaker not doing anything about it, I was looking forward to the match, but if its going to be like this..