Undertaker/Wrestlemania 29 Issues Over Money, Not Health

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A lot has been written about The Undertaker working/not working Wrestlemania 29 this year. We wrote a significant update here, detailing the issues are over money and not over Undertaker's health.

Reports stating that Undertaker working the show is contingent on his health are only telling part of the story. Undertaker is banged up but would be willing to work for the right amount of money.  From what we're told Undertaker understands he only has a couple of big matches left and doesn't want to get "third from top money," behind The Rock and Brock Lesnar.

Follow the link below for an extensive update:

  • In a way I can understand how he feels. Taker has also become a part timer, but he has put in more than his fair share of wrestling over the years compared to the others. Pay the man.

  • i think we can all agree taker is worth top “dollar” above the rock and lesnar even just for that one match

  • jdl

    Does this mean Taker is no longer contracted? As there should be no hang up if he is.

  • Pay him!!! Shit I can see what I’m typing for the first time!!!

  • Chris

    From a business standpoint, I would allow and convince Undertaker to take the year off, it helps sell the “end of an era.” You pay Brock and Rock this year, Austin and Undertaker for the 30th anniversary.

    • coolk

      They will pay brock next year too cuz he has a contract up to wm 31

  • Winnipeg

    Taker should sit this year out and they should focus on what to do next year. If he’s not back by elimination chamber there’s probably no point in him coming back for wrestlemania this year. 

    • Benjamin

      Still seven Raws after Elimination Chamber until WrestleMania plenty of time really considering how quickly rivalries begin and end in todays WWE.

  • brad

    Taker has been with WWE for going on 23 years and i agree with him not wanting to be paid less than the rock or lesnar cause they two have left the company before and now expect a giant payoff just for returning whereas Taker has never left the company and should be respected for what he has done

  • Mark

    Taker deserves to get the money he wants. Just think about how banged up he is but he comes back every year and puts on a better match than the rock managed even though he’s in much better shape.

  • Kris Mystery

    First he was upset that the emphasis was going to be put on other wrestlers other than himself heading to Wrestlemania. Now he wants a boatload of money to appear. Isn’t he under contract of some sort with WWE? If so then pay him what the contract says. If he is not under contract then don’t use him at all. WWE has been very accommodating to him and as much as i like the character of the Undertaker I’m not overly impressed with Mark Calaway’s posturing here.

    • King A sshole

      Taker deserves to have it his way, the Rock and Lesnar don’t, their legacies are that they made a shit load of cash and left when the time came for them to give it back.

      The only thing Undertaker hasn’t done is literally rip his heart out of his chest and throw it into the croud. He’s earned the right to be a little selfish.

      • Shogunreaper

        That doesn’t make any sense, what exactly did rock and lesnar have to give back?

        They wouldn’t have been making all that money in the first place if they weren’t giving fans what they wanted.

        • Viewers, money.

        • Rambo Commander

          Rock and Lesnar are making money because today’s product sucks and can’t match the Attitude or Ruthless Aggression eras. Taker, however, has been with WWE throughout and has been giving back in terms of pushing superstars such as Mankind, Edge, Batista, Angle, Lesnar, Orton, so on and so forth. Rock and Lesnar have never given back to the business or pushed anyone. Maybe the Rock pushed Goldberg a little bit, but that was just a little bit as Goldberg was already established in WCW. You can’t just make your money and then run somewhere else to make more when you’re done here. You need to stick around and help build future stars and their careers – that is why Taker earns respect whereas the Rock and Lesnar have critics backstage and everywhere.

          • Shogunreaper

            Rock didn’t run somewhere else to make more money, he left because he accomplished everything he could in the wwe and wanted to do something more with his life.

  • To be honest undertaker wrestles less than the part timers. But still deserves more than both. He only wrestles once a year. so it should’nt be a staggering amount of money. He certainly does not derserve to go before the main event.

    • Jimmy

      And even though it’s only one match a year, for the past 5 – 6 years that match has been one of the best matches of the year if not the best.

      • The last two with hhh were only ok not great. Call me Bret hart but I think it was hhh’S fault.

  • Frank Dinardo

    Have him face Brock Lesnar then he will defiantly be in one of the 2 top matches

  • 1molly23

    Taker deserves to make more money than Brock Lesnar, that’s for damn sure. In comparison to what professionals like Taker, HHH, Hogan, Stone Cold, The Rock, and many more Superstars have brought to VKM and the world of professional wrestling, Lesnar doesn’t even deserve the paper his multi-million dollar contract is written on. Taker has given his life to this profession, Lesnar not so much! Lesnar = big NOTHING!

  • This is a problem VKM created by himself. To pay huge amounts of money to parttime superstars, it was just a matter of time that others start to complain.

  • the undertake should be payed more he is a legend without his 20-0 winning streak i dont think many people would watch wrestlemania he gave wrestlemania its popularity , if the undertaker returns this year i think he should vs cm punk in a last man standing match,then cm punk will know what its like to realy get the shit kicked out off him , and before the undertaker does leave wwe i would love to see him and kane in action again that would be greatt 🙂