Undisputed TNA Champion Determined, Top Star Leaving?

Magnus beat AJ Styles in a No Disqualification Match at Thursday night's Impact Wrestling tapings to become the Undisputed TNA Champion. The match will air on the January 9, 2014 episode.

After the match, Styles cut a promo where he thanked the fans for their support. He said he's wrestled all over the world but there's no place like home. He said he killed himself for TNA and for the fans.

As of press time, Styles hasn't signed a new contract with TNA Wrestling and questions regarding his future will only continue following the outcome of this match.

  • Stoney

    TNA can’t afford to lose AJ Styles, AJ Styles IS TNA

    • cranktheradio

      I couldn’t agree more. I’m more of a WWE fan, but Styles not on the TNA roster would be a huge loss/shame.

    • Nostaljack

      That would only matter to the handful of fans who are paying attention. No one worker is indispensable. They have a roster full of excellent workers. I realize that he’s been there since the beginning and can work rings around most people but he’s just one worker. TNA could and would survive without him.

    • GOR

      Always thought AJ was TNA’s Shawn Michaels. But, TNA couldnt use him the way WWE used HBK. As a result, even with a vast potential AJ has never become the Superstar he deserves to be.
      I kno he & WWE arent best frendz, but he’s the only 1 who could topple John Cena n restore some credibility to the face of business !

  • Robbie

    Didn’t AJ sign a 5 year deal back in ’09?

    • Nick Jovi

      obviously not since his deal expired in September and signed a short term deal through december

  • 1vinny1

    AJ leaving tna is like the undertaker leaving wwe

  • Mohan Ramnath

    aj is tna thats a fact. Tna is barely surviving as is, they moved away from what made them so much better than wwe and that was actually wrestling, their x-division, a guy like joe who could beat any person in wwe – even the undertaker – wont mind seeing that much

    • Stephen Cash

      Wrestling is fake… So the writers would decide that… And if you’re talking real life I think Joe would barely beat Taker who is like 60 years old….

  • jdl

    AJ is not TNA, and stop saying he is, as no one man is everything a company survives on. Especially one that has only been featured sporadically over the past few years and has essentially only feuded with Angle in that time frame. If AJ truly was TNA, then they wouldn’t let him go.

  • _JIM_

    I reitterate, I just don’t see what everyone else seems to see in Magnus! After all that feud with Dixie storyline, aned the long build up for AJ to win the championship he only got a 2 month run as champion? This is the stuff that makes TNA bush league in my opinion. CM Punk held the title for over a year in his version of that walking out with the title angle. Which made sense because it was such a big angle and long build. So for TNA just to switch the championship so soon doesn’t really make me feel too confident that they are going to get a new deal done with AJ anytime soon. That can be the only reason that I can think of that would give them reason for taking the title off of AJ so soon. But considering this is TNA I am talking about it could be just another bone head move to go along with the hundreds of others. I just don’t see AJ going anywhere and feel a deal will be done anytime now. So taking the title off of him just makes that whole angle a waste of time in my opinion. Which is sad since it was one of their better angles in a long time.

    • steidman

      first, this is not WWE. Second, you might want to check your facts. CM Punk lost his title to ADR in Oct, only two months from his so called exodus. At least TNA is promoting AJ in his defenses around the world

  • Mohan Ramnath

    ofcourse wrestling is fake, but actual wrestle is hard work n traing and skills to perform some of the moves, AJ alone isnt TNA, the originals who were there as the xdivision, jay lethal sanjay, MMMC etc – n joe vs under taker in his prime would be a a great match, joe could win

    wwe doesnt wrestle any more and the guys that could get buried alot

    we stuck with cena most of the time

  • wrestling_101

    AJ Styles will do whats best for AJ Styles. TNA is not letting him go he is deciding to leave. He knows his options and if he leaves TNA will move on. One man wont stop the show. He may deserve more money but they dont have it. Its sad he would decide to go after the dead weight left and the show is getting better. We dont know what kind of money was negotiated but maybe they could have done an extention again until the new direction of the company had an effect on ratings. ??