Unedited Copy Of Smackdown Leaks Online, Funny McMahon/Cole Moment

An unedited copy of this week’s episode of Smackdown leaked online earlier in the week. Several readers sent the link that you can check out here. While I didn’t go through it, the sports blog Deadspin did and made some notes.

The most interesting note was Michael Cole saying this to Vince McMahon thorough his headset – “Do you want me to say that every time, because I’ve said it a shitload of times tonight.”

McMahon’s response isn’t audible but Cole said: “OK…yes sir…yes sir…OK, I’ve got it sir.”

Click here for coverage by Deadspin.

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  • Vic Jose


  • AB

    No doubt Vince’s reply to Cole was friendly, cordial, and in no way profane.

  • Brandon van Reenen

    It was a great way of seeing the off-air moments, like Cole and JBL coming out and joking around.

  • Ken

    God, Cole is such an incredible tool. Look at him panicking and quickly apologising. What a company man.

  • James m>>>

    Was it “is it enough?”