More On Unification Of TNA Championship With Video & Post-Match Reaction

The TNA Championship unification match between AJ Styles and Magnus aired on this week's episode of Impact Wrestling.

The match, which carried a no-disqualification stipulation, featured outside interference from Ethan Carter III, Rockstar Spud, BroMans, Bad Influence and Bobby Roode with Sting defending Styles. In addition to the outside interference, the bout featured two referee switches. A heel Dixie Carter "replaced" Earl Hebner with Brian Hebner and finally brought out Brian Stiffler to make the final three count.

You can watch a 10-minute video highlight of this week's main event at this link or embedded in the video below:

The point of the bout was to increase the heat of Carter and Magnus, while also writing Styles off of TNA television. The bout was originally taped on December 5, 2013. You can read our original report by Wrestling News World writer Scott Brooks at this link.

TNA posted #Impact365 post-show footage at this link. You can also watch it embedded in the video below:

After the bout was taped in December, Styles cut a promo for the live crowd. He said there was no place like home and he killed himself for TNA. He thanked the fans for their support. In the video above, Styles' post-match promo isn't shown but he is shown greeting fans at ringside on his way out.

  • thepowerserge

    And thus begins the end of TNA…rest in pieces! As for AJ Styles, hopefully on to bigger and better things.

  • Thomas M.

    Is that 15 people interfering? You’d think one wrestler and one ref switch would be enough.

  • Paul Withnall

    What a load of ? Is this how people win and show young people the way in life . You should be ashamed.

  • BigMike

    TNA and that dumbass Dixie overbooking and making a joke out of herself. She is trying to be a heel and a wannabe MacMahon, but all she is doing is making a fool out of herself because the heat she is generating (( much like when WWE was shoving Cole down our throats)) is not from being a good heel, it is from just being crappy at her job; Michael Cole was booed and still gets booed because he is TERRIBLE at his job(( better than when he tried to be heel)) Dixie is incapable of being a heel and has no clue about what the fans want

  • luc

    This is like ImmortalV2.0 … not that great of an idea.

  • BlazeKing

    That’s what you call overbooked through and through. Holy crap that’s a lot of people at ringside!!!

  • Jason

    What a joke of a match could of given us a real match to bid farewell to AJ and make MAGNUS earn the title not just hand it to him. TNA is Just a big joke these days.

  • Jason

    Also what has happened to the talent on TNA as the roster has shrunken so much over the past few years and now all you see is the same people week in week out. I think AJ and the others are getting out before the ship sinks