Unseen Footage Of AJ Styles' Royal Rumble Debut

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WWE posted the following “unseen footage” of AJ Styles’ Royal Rumble debut:

This was the furthest thing from a surprise but it doesn’t matter, most fans are just glad to see AJ Styles get a chance in WWE. Styles finalized his WWE contract earlier this month and was slated all along to debut as a surprise Royal Rumble entrant. We assumed there was a chance that plan could change because it leaked but as we saw last night, it did not.

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  • Splat

    How is that different then what we saw last night?

    • ron

      Maybe a Lil different camera views

    • Bob’s Diner

      They didn’t show the Titantron with the “I am… Phenomenal” last night

  • ldb

    His entrance was ….phenomenal.