Upcoming Autograph Session With Edge In New York Revealed To Be Fraudulent

Wrestling News World reader Shannon sent in the following:

An advertised autograph session in Queensbury, New York with Edge has been revealed to be illegitimate. Edge's friend Christian wrote the following announcement on his Twitter account:

If ur planning on going 2 meet Edge @ autograph session @ Omega Sports, Queensbury, NY Apr 21 he WON'T be there..Unfortunately owner of store was fooled by someone claiming to represent Edge.. Hopefully something like this doesn't happen again.

In a similar situation, The Ultimate Warrior suffered the same fate recently, as his team contacted promoter Brandon Bronson, who was misinformed by a fradulent agent regarding Warrior's June 9th appearance.

If you have purchased tickets to either Edge's or Ultimate Warrior's appearance, you can contact Aviation Mall at (518)-793-8818 to request a refund.

  • shannon

    just wanna point out something since this article was written. i heard rikishi fell victim to this fraud appearance by bronson after tickets for his appearance was sold via pre sale. to make matters even worse, the 400 fans that arrived on the day of rikishi’s signing just found out that the store was closed and the merchandise is gone. bronson left a note at the mall asking fans to leave their name and number so he can contact them. he also left autographed photos from previous signings as a “make good” to fans who arrived for the rikishi signing. fans were then told at the mall that bronson left to open a store in the nearby town of saratoga. once again that promoter keeps making another lame excuse with these false advertisements.

  • mikey

    geez this promoter keeps making excuses after another. never trust an appearance who you think they’re gonna show up. expect a lawsuit to be filed in the near future for those fraud advertisements.

  • johnaugy

    this guy was a crook in niagara falls ny where he had omega sports and did the same thing before moving to aviation mall. he screwed customers out of thousands of dollars here and one night packed the store up and left town. this guy donnie (who tells people his name is brandan-untrue) is a con artist , theif and a liar and deserves to be in jail. anyone who was conned be his fraudulent signings should not just let it go and are urged to contact the sheriffs department in that area, otherwise he will pack up to another town and rob other victims