Details On Another Possible WWE Title Change - How It Involves A Current Mid-Card Talent & Hinges On Another Program's Outcome

We noted earlier here on that there was talk of putting the Divas Championship on AJ Lee coming out of this week's WWE Raw. We're told if they do ultimately end up going that direction so that both her and Dolph Ziggler have titles, there have been discussions about putting Big E Langston over for a secondary title.

I was told both the Intercontinental and United States titles would be candidates with the US title being more likely. This way the entire faction would hold a title.

Back to AJ, we're told they don't want to rush her and putting her over for the Divas title is not a definite. However, if they do go in that direction, don't be surprised if Langston ends up with a secondary strap.

  • PainOfDemise

    I want AJ strapped, so I guess that means I want Big E strapped too. It would be a good boost for all three of them as a faction and I believe they could play it reall well.
    I don’t see how it would be rushing to get AJ strapped if they did it right now. She’s been around long enough and she’s over enough with the fans. If anything, it’s over due.

  • Xavier

    That would be great. Brings more prestige to the faction.

  • Patrick

    Straping both AJ and Big E with belts doesn’t mean a thing if niether belt is focused on other then just having the entire team with a belt……and used as decorations. the US ,IC and Diva’s titles have ment nothing in years…… didn’t help Cesaro or Barrett when they held thoses belts and same goes for the Diva’s title……….mainly do to the fact WWE doesn’t make them seem important anymore. Vince only worries about the Main event spot and barely the WWE and World belt.

  • T-Zone

    The idea of AJ & Big E getting a title strap gave me another idea. Bear with me for a moment.

    What message does this send to the (lack of) Divas Division, if their own Champion is barely featured since gaining the title? When Kaitlyn does appear, it was usually apart multi-Diva match. Just strapping AJ out of nowhere, despite how entertaining she is, is a bad move. If this is the path they travel, they better put in some effort. Playing hot potato is annoying.

    As for Big E, they could have him go after Kofi Kingston’s US Title. The group has crossed paths with Kofi on multiple times. What if the reason they Kofi beat Antonio Cesaro is because they needed a babyface for Big E to beat? It sucks to be Cesaro at this point. Who knows if TPTB actually thought ahead. Speaking from a logical standpoint, Big E shouldn’t go after Wade Barrett considering how they never crossed paths. Besides, they can’t even decide who should be the #1 contender to that strap.

    Just food for thought.

  • Chris

    Why do they still have a divas title? Nobody cares!

    • Winnipeg

      Because they……um, oh, oh wait……I know because……ummmmm….I dunno. Haha

  • Michael

    I’m against putting a title on Big E this early. Ryback has been there longer and they still haven’t given him a title yet, thru could’ve at least put one of the above titles on Ryback but they didn’t. I have no problem with Aj and Ziggler having long title reigns as they’ve both been there but a guy like Big E still has a lot to prove before you just throw a belt on him just because he’s in a faction as the muscle. Further more I think that divisions like the tag division needs to really be taken seriously again. They have Hell No, Shield, Ziggler and Big E, primetime players, usos, primo and epico, kings of wrestling.wwe should make main event a tag team show that has nothing but tag matches and also bring in more tag teams and make the tag titles matter again.

    • Winnipeg

      The tag titles do matter when they put them on wrestlers that matter. Like Kane and Daniel Bryan. When you put them on guys like primo & epico then the titles don’t matter. It would be the same if they put the wwe tittle on Brodus Clay. Can you imagine that?