Update On Batista Following Extreme Rules

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The status of Batista headed into summer angles is unknown. We noted in our Raw Preview that he wasn't on the official listing for this week's show in Albany and I reported in April he was pulled from all shows after Extreme Rules.

The expectation is that he'll be taking some time off this summer to do media for Guardians of the Galaxy but it's unknown if this is the reason for Batista's removal from official show listings. His name has come up for possible upcoming main event programs, however, those plans appear to be in flux given his unknown status.

  • Mike McCarthy

    August 1st is when it comes out, It’s still the first week of May, I expect the reason he’s been unadvertised is that they’re going to have him work more of a part-time schedule where he wouldn’t be appearing every week but still involved in story lines. They can’t take him off full-time because his movie doesn’t come out until half way through the build for SummerSlam, the 2nd biggest show of the year.

  • Gary Robert

    Does anyone know how much Batista weighed prior to leaving WWE and what he weighs now? Just curious b/c since his return, I haven’t been remotely impressed with his look. He looks almost frail compared to how I remember him.

  • Rus

    Well after seeing raw I can see your source gets everything 100% rght lol 😛