Update On The Great Khali's Whereabouts, Upcoming Return To WWE

We learned back in April through confidential WWE documents that leaked online that The Great Khali was away from the company until May 24, 2014.

I am now able to confirm that Khali has been in India and recently participated in the annual "sign on at the station" to continue his service as a member of law enforcement.

  • Redertainment

    The Great Khali was gone? Huh. I didn’t notice. Perhaps he can stay gone. Would anyone really have a problem with that?

    • majo

      But who will then be the Punjabi playboy? And barely speak a coherent sentence?


        “The Great Khali says…. Mecka Lecka high mecka hiney hoe” lol

      • Ranveer

        I’m from India and even I can’t understand a word he says!