Update On AJ Styles & "Unauthorized" Title Defenses

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TNA Wrestling is covering pseudo TNA Champion AJ Styles like a third party entity. According to their official website, Styles is fielding inquires from promoters in the UK, Canada and Puerto Rico. The reality of this is Styles is under TNA contract but they're trying to give the illusion he's not and making "unauthorized title defenses."

You can view footage of Styles' title defense against Seiya Sanada at Saturday’s Wrestle-1 show in Tokyo, Japan at this link. You can also watch in the video embedded below:

  • emorycreek

    Really, this is news. Geez, its’s a work. This is Pro Wrestling. Most things that happen are not real. Cut TNA some slack. The WWE firing Big show angle wasn’t a work?

  • LBP365

    a good storyline just had a bad promo Dixie can’t act or pretend to act, they should have hired a phony exec. to do this role.

  • NomDePlume_

    Why are you so dead set on constantly talking down to your readers and killing anyone’s ability to suspend disbelief and enjoy this angle for what it is?

    I for one do not appreciate it.

    Oh, and you forgot to remind us for the tenth time that you knew the angle was coming before it was officially launched (which was fairly common knowledge for some, actually).