Update On Bully Ray's Contract Status With TNA Wrestling

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Bully Ray, whose contract with TNA Wrestling has expired, wrote the following on Twitter:

Ray's former tag team partner and good friend Devon announced last week he is finished with TNA.

We aren't hearing anything new regarding Bully Ray's contract status other than TNA was trying to re-sign him at a lower rate.

  • H.M.

    I just want to see Team 3D make one last run as a tag team in WWE in order to rejuvenate it.

    • British bulldog

      Dudleys, not 3d, team 3d was them in TNA, in wwe they are the dudleys

    • John

      Dudley Boyz. Please get it right.

  • Satan

    Dudley Boyz, welcome back to WWE!

  • Rick

    Totally agree. I miss proper tag team action from proper teams like the Harts Bulldogs LOD Demolition Hardy Boyz Edge and Cristian and of course those damn Dudley’s.

  • neil

    still think he will stay in tna and end up being behind As and 8s

    • Andrew Ace

      Yeah I thinks so too. Am I the only one who finds it weird that bully ray keeps coming to save Aries and aces and 8s leave.

      • Mike Gilreath

        It makes sense…he was all up Bischoff’s butt, and A’s and 8’s are all guys screwed over by Hogan’s TNA…Bischoff and Jarrett and that is where Abyss went.

  • Jashaun

    The Dudley’s would really push a lot of tag teams if they came back

  • Ken

    If TNA were serious about keeping him they'd not be trying to stiff him on his contract. Bully Ray is one of the more compelling performers they have right now. I mean, do you know who he is?
    He's Bully Ray.

    A return to the WWE as part of the Dudleys wouldn't serve any purpose. It wouldn't revitalise the tag team scene. The Usos, Truth and Kofi, Prime Time Playas, and I suppose kidd and Gabriel doesn't exactly make a division.
    Unless of course Creative is serious about tag team focus. But they need more teams than those and the Duds. Ascension from FCW/NXT would be nice. Have I forgotten anyone?

  • Latino

    I too, would love to see the Dudley boyz back in wwe for one last time. But based on that tweet bubba has, I’m guessing he either re-signed quietly with TNA or he’s on a pay per appearance deal for this weeks impact and he’s fixing to be written off TNA for good.

  • Thisguy

    In my opinion, I’d love to see the Dudleys back in WWE….but, there’s no tag team division in WWE. So really, who would feud with?

  • unknown

    if the Dudley's came back, it would force Vince and creative to make the tag teams relevant again

  • Chris

    Devon, get the taped glasses!!

  • yesyesyes

    @Ken U forgot Epico & Primo. I can’t blame you for that though lol.

  • _JIM_

    I doubt Bully is going to want to go back to tag-team wrestling now that he’s one of the top heel singles competitors in TNA. Why give that up? They are already like 26 time tag champs. What else does he have to prove in the tag division. Especially the nonexistant one in WWE.

  • Armando

    Bully needs to stay with TNA, hes the best Heel in the bis Today ands its only a matter of time till hes champ, in WWE he and devon will be trash with kevin nash in 2 months

  • Matt

    I know I'm bandwagoning here, but I've followed the Dudley's careers since the mid/late 90s in ECW when I had to watch it at 2am. Now for the possibility of them coming to WWE (possibility) I'm super excited.

  • sam

    I dont think Devon would have left TNA unless Bully Ray was following, I think they have one final run as the dudleys in mind before retiring from wrestling atleast… and I think they would want the final run to be in the WWE. They may do it in 6 months though rather then straight away as Bully is in the story line for the bound for glory series!

  • Joel

    I'll still follow him where ever he goes. I mean, yes he's one of TNA's best heels right now, but why hasnt TNA given him a run with the Wolrd Title? He's being put in all these high profile matches and has been pushed, but hasnt had a run with the strap yet. I think he should resign if they give him the World title run he deserves (sort of a-la-CM Punk), but at the same time, I would like to see him got to the WWE with Devon. Could help the tag division and even bring back some prestige to the tag titles and the division. They could do wonders for the younger talent in the division, and yes, I've been following them since their ECW day, So I'd mark out if they came back as the Dudley Boyz… =p