Update On Cameron's DUI: Attempted Bribery, Failure To Alert WWE, More

TMZ has an update on Cameron's recent arrest for driving under the influence. An excerpt is below:

The report says Cameron blew a .20 ... more than twice the legal limit in Florida.

After cops took her into custody, the report says Cameron offered one of the officers $10,000 to "let her go because she would lose her job."

In the docs, cops say Cameron listed her employer as the WWE.

Cops say Cameron had a male passanger in the car ... who told police the two had been drinking martinis before getting in the car.

Cameron was booked for DUI ... but eventually released.

A rep for WWE ... "Ariane [Cameron] did not alert us to this matter, we are investigating and will take appropriate action."

Click here to view the full article.

Thanks to Wrestling News World reader Logan Walker for sending in the article.

  • CynIsIn

    Appropiate Action, otherwise known as: We wish you the best in your future endeavors.

  • ImAwesome420

    I’m guessing she’ll be released

  • Fernando

    I guess Cameron is on thin ice right now.

  • Shadow

    She keeps this up and she going to become extinct.

    • Ballzdeep34

      Ahhhh dinosaur reference!!!!

  • Matthew

    Damn, I really hope WWE does not release this girl – she has bags of talent, and I'm sure she will have learnt from her mistake.

    • Did you watch tough enough? Bags of talent?! Perhaps in the exotic dancing business, but not in wrestling…,

    • Kleck

      Funbags of talent?

  • Ricky

    So I'm guessing either they will find someone to replace Cameron or Brodus will just be with Cameron.

  • Owen

    ♪ Somebody's getting fired!! ♪

    • Ace Vivid


  • kel

    Somebody should have called her momma

    • Ace Vivid

      LOL!!!! ALSO GOLD!!!!

  • Rob

    Other people have been lifted on duis and wwes kept them around

    • _JIM_

      Yeah, but they were active wrestlers at the time. Not just a dancing valet. It’s not like she’s involved in an angle where it would be difficult to replace her. She also should have learned from those others mistakes. Giving WWE a black eye in the press isn’t a very good idea when you are somebody in her position. It’s not like she’s Randy Orton or somebody with some legit value.

  • mjledesma

    Someone should have called a taxi

    • Ace Vivid

      Lol. PRICELESS!!!!

  • Axel

    It still bugs me to this day that she, the first one eliminated from Tough Enough, and the one that called Alicia Fox vs Melina her favorite match of all time, was the only one to actually make it on to WWE TV after the show ended. Don't know why they gave her a job in the first place. But it seems like that is about to change soon.

    • prettywhenucry

      Out of all the matches any female wrestler has done, I can see why someone would say Melina as part of it, but Alicia Fox? Being her sister or not, she is sloppy in the ring and Melina carried that match when she returned from injury.

  • christopher525

    Looks like Alicia Fox's little sister may be getting a phone call to come back and take over a spot as a Funkadactyl.

    • Chris

      Thats not Alicia Fox little sister, Christina Crawford aka Caylee Turner is Alicia's sister

      • Why dont you re-read the post you just replied to.

  • Joe

    Somebody call her agent

  • Patrick Peralta


  • drew1997

    oh no, now WWE 13 is gonna announce the wrong people with Brodus clay

  • _JIM_

    Yes, the whole idea behind owning and running a business would be to make as much money as possible. Which is something that VKM is VERY good at. I agree that Cameron has no business with a contract over the actual winner of the show that they both competed on.

  • _JIM_

    PS: Not only is she a completely untalented in ring performer, but apparently she’s not a very smart human being on top of that. Offering a Police officer a bribe to try and get out of a DUI where you are double the legal limit is ridiculously stupid. She had some guy with her. Why wasn’t he the one driving? I doubt he had as much to lose as Cameron did. Plus he ran his mouth about what they were drinking. What a great friend!