Update On Car Accident Involving Zack Ryder, Dolph Ziggler & Justin Roberts

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WWE has updated their accident report on Zack Ryder, Dolph Ziggler and Justin Roberts over on dot com. The piece features a picture of their rear-ended limousine and features quotes from Ryder and Roberts.

In it, Ryder says he landed on the floor and his neck "hit the edge of the chair." Justin Roberts noted he suffered a minor cut on his knee. For more coverage, you can read dot com's article at this link.

  • Release the kraken

    Good things Dolph's ok. He's my MitB pick!

  • ballzdeep34

    I herd justin roberts is suing!! He is suing the seat belt manufacture for choking his nec during the accident.

    • Cbob

      Wow, you’re incredibly funny.

      Please tell us some more jokes.

    • Frendo

      YES YES YES! great comment!

    • Robbie

      Did you really just make a joke about a car accident?

    • havoc525

      First off, try spell check next time. Second, when you try making a joke at least get your points right. A more acceptable comment would have been “Upon hearing of this WWE has come to terms on the release of Justin Roberts’ seat belt. We wish him well in his future endeavors.”

      • alex

        Shut the hell up.

  • Andy

    Glad there okay……i do however want to see how dolph sold it when they got hit…..but in all seriousness glad there okay, it would suck if dolph got injured

    • Tony P.

      It would if any of them got injured you stupid fool

  • AJ

    I’m glad they’re okay. The company wouldn’t be the same if they were injured and couldn’t compete.

  • George Takei

    Boo hoo guys 🙁 Get in an accident like Santino did, THEN whine about your scraped knee!

    • havoc525

      To be fair, knowing his history, I’m shocked Santino’s wasn’t alcohol fueled.