Update On Chris Jericho/Cryptic Videos On WWE Television

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There is a new video making rounds online that appears to be a WWE produced piece to promote an upcoming edition of Raw Supershow. I've seen reports out there it is for next week but those reports are incorrect. The video promotes Raw "Live Next Monday at 9/8 C" when next Monday's Raw begins an hour earlier with the 2011 Slammy Awards. At the :30 mark of the video, there's a strong Chris Jericho tease with the cryptic video. You can watch the video in question embedded below:

As I reported here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com, the latest plan is to re-debut Jericho under the cryptic videos. He's scheduled to come back on January 2, 2012 although that is always subject to change until it actually happens. It should also be noted I cannot confirm how legitimate this video is, however, if it's a fraud, whoever made it has ninja YouTube skills and is invited to help me out with the official WrestlingNewsWorld.com YouTube Channel.

  • Chad

    Im going to have to go with fake, way way way to obvious. Why would WWE spoil something as big as that?

    • Craig

      It is clearly a fake. They just edited the TV commercial to include Y2Js old tron and countdown. Anyone can do that it is not hard

  • ShanND

    That is the exact same commercial that USA was running prior to RAW on Monday, December 5 to advertise that show, with the new addition of the countdown. I doubt that part was from the WWE.

  • Darkk_tintt

    Looks legitimate to me

  • JACKtheRVDfan

    Pause at 0:39 at the right time and it says jericho!!!!!

    • triple h

      hell yeah! but you've to pause it at the right time, it goes off in mini-seconds!

    • hazmatt

      good find. took like 3 tries double tapping the space bar, but you're absolutely right

  • keagan

    it's a fake for two reasons.
    1. the 30 second mark was a fan made video that was out before the slammys was even announced.
    2. the cryptic videos are made for the Brooklyn Brawler

    • Da KiDD

      You and this Brooklyn Brawler, lol. Leave ol' Steve Lombardi alone haha

    • MonsterMike42

      Do you have a crush on the Brooklyn Brawler? What in the world.

  • Ranveer

    Firstly if it is real then it should have been a preview for this week's RAW since the #1 contender's were determined on this week's show… so WWE wouldn't put out a preview like this for a future show…. that's mt take on it

  • Michael

    I don't believe that the video is a legit WWE video. If Jericho is returning on 1/2/12, why are they still promoting the things that we saw last week? I think whoever created this video simply used the promo for this past week's show and spliced in the Jericho hype. Notice the transition from the promo to the Jericho countdown and then the transition out of it. It doesn't appear to be seamless and the same transitions you can use on any given Movie Maker program that many computers have.

    I think someone is trying to have fun with the IWC.

  • wnwdotcom2

    I agree that the content previewed appears to be from Monday's show…

  • joelBOWL

    This is a fake video made using the promo for this Mondays Raw just gone and some old fotage from a Jericho Titentron sequence.

  • Brett

    that looks like the fan video on youtube

  • Crabbo

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yMLmQlBqve0 Is the real Promo http://www.youtube.com/user/ItBeginsAgain Is someone making up the promos. Some look good but I never get why people make fake videos like these.

  • Frenchfry

    Its fake because WWE doesnt write their dates out like it would be done in England, if it was legit it would say "12-5-11" rathern than "5-12-11"

  • Joe

    Real or not, along with all the cryptic videos, this has got to me the most mysteries arrival in a long time. It's like we get something that it's Jericho or Taker one day after the other and we will continue the wonder until that day

  • jonathon212

    its 100% fake. somebody took the preview of this past weeks raw and inserted a jericho countdown of 10 seconds to make it look real. its the exact same preview usa was advertising last week for this past mondays raw. do not believe this video.

  • SaveUsY2J1212

    I would say this is fake but it seems legit because the narrator said ” will a new challeneger emerge for cm punk” then the promo was played but who knows

  • Jim

    If it is a fake whoever made it did an excellent job. Maybe they are saying that Raw itself starts at 9, and the Slammy’s portion of the show starts at 8? That’s the only thing I can figure if it is indeed real. If its a fake they should’ve done their homework. Because if they had the shows start time right nobody would’ve even questioned its authenticity.

  • Lawl.

    if you look very closely at about the :38 second mark, it says jericho for like a split second

  • Bob

    That video was confirmed fake and the countdown was downloaded from youtube and the person added the text.

  • 5432

    this week during a beth pheonix &natalyia vid package,they also played one similar.right in middle of the promo just like this one. so this seems legit.when watching on usa,it came of as if cryptic vid was for beth and natty .

  • Amber

    Yes, it’s obviously a fake. One, because of the time that it advertises, and two, it just looks like someone with the slightest bit of editing skills took the promo from this past week and put in one of the cryptic videos that’s been going around.


  • Stokksy

    It's pretty simple.. Year 2012, 2 January.
    Take the first letter form each word, and the date, and you'll have Y2J.

  • Josh in MN

    Whatever it is, it's doing it's job.

  • Patrick V

    I hope Y2J does come back
    I don’t care if it’s fake it’s still cool.