Update On Hulk Hogan's Hand

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Hulk Hogan posted photos on Twitter after he had the blisters on his hand treated after a radiator explosion (See also - Hulk Hogan At The Hospital Following Accident). The following is from the Hulkster's verified account:

  • AK-1138

    Aw, man, that shit’s gotta… Sting!

  • Harlie Boucher

    It’s looking good!

  • Dustyn

    How long till this turns into an angle, that the radiator was rigged to explode by
    Aces & Eights?! haha

  • f_caus

    Hogan finally sold an injury!

  • Paul

    Oh no! What’s Hogan gonna do in the ring now he hasn’t got a hand to cup behind his ear? Might as well retire now eh?