Update On Hulk Hogan's Negotiations With TNA Wrestling

Word about Hulk Hogan's contract status with TNA Wrestling is beginning to make rounds. As we reported exclusively here on WrestlingNewsWorld.com in August, the company has been trying to sign him to a new contract.  His current deal is believed to up at the end of this month.

We're told TNA has been spinning the new deal as a "contract extension" but they're trying to get him to commit to a lengthier deal at a lower rate. This shouldn't come as a surprise as TNA has been asking everyone to take less money but Hogan, due to his high profile, is a different case.

I've been told on two occasions from sources close to Hogan that he is not interested in taking less money. In fact, we're told Hogan still has desire to work for WWE

  • dean

    of course Hogan want to work for wwe. wwe is the main company inthis industry and vince McMahon owns nearly ALL of Hogan’s wrestling career.
    in wwe land, Hogan is a legend who ruled the 1980’s and 1990’s wrestling world.
    in tna, he is viewed as a 60 year old washed up has been who thinks it is 1998 and that he can “compete” with vince McMahon for control over the wrestling industry by cutting promos and saying “brother” and “dude” 100 times each week on tv.

  • DCee

    No disrespect, but note to TNA: Let Him GO! If he doesn’t want to work with TNA, leave him be! Let him have that legends contract and be done with it. TNA needs to be refreshed anyway. It needs new creative control because it has gotten stale. Hogan promised a ton, but only got the minimum. TNA (no pun intended) do what’s best for business and best for the fans!

    • dean

      Dixie wants has been Hogan to stay in tna because she still sees Hogan as the biggest name in wrestling and she feels that HIS association with tna makes tna “appear major league”.
      the fact is that wwe does not need Hogan and will not bid for his services since wwe OWNS all of his wrestling footage from awa, wwe, wcw etc.
      wwe can make money off of Hogan for decades even if he never sets foot in a wwe ring again and Hogan can stay home and collect his royalty checks.

      • DCee

        Agreed. Hogan doesn’t need TNA, Dixie “needs” Hogan. Hogan is getting paid from the WWE any time they use his likeness or any match from the vault with him in it. Also with the deal with 2K Sports and WWE2k14, Hogan is gonna make more money. Hogan can sit home honestly.

        TNA does get a little help by him being with the company. However, IDK if they can keep him with them cutting costs and possibly going back to the one location (TV)/major location (PPV) scheme they used to do. Only time will tell, huh?

        • Nostaljack

          TNA hasn’t benefitted in the least bit as a result of Hogan. The ratings are almost exactly what they were before him. Check, please.

  • Nostaljack

    Hogan is likely quite expensive. Let Bischoff and him go. The brought nothing they were supposed deliver on. Move on, Dixie.

  • jack whittle

    TNA needs to put the belt on him then he jumps to WWE and wins the vacant title

  • Justin

    Hogan should just return to WWE already.

  • Hercules Rockerfeller

    If there was ever a time to let his old useless carcass go, IT’S NOW!!! He gets paid around $30.000 per appearance! This is waaaaay too much!

    • tna

      thats crazy even wwe talents get paid $500 a appearance ,dixie needs to let hogan go before he drains all of tnas money

    • Mysterion

      How do you know?

  • LBP365

    Like I said in a different post get a young no name with ring presents and can handle the mic and let Hogan go!!!! We’ll still watch u may even get a better storyline hack I’ll write for free LET HOGAN GO!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Fagballs

      A guy who thinks ring presence is “presents” wants to do a creative writing job…

  • _JIM_

    At this point in Hogan’s life he’s not going to take a pay cut. At his age it just doesn’t make sense when he can go back to WWE and most likely get the money he wants if not more. Maybe TNA just can’t afford names like Hogan at this point in time. Indy companies know they can’t afford a guy on that level so they don’t even try. So maybe TNA needs to reevaluate their situation and what’s important to them. Do they want to have big names like Hogan? Or do they want to resign talent like A.J. Styles, and give them the money that they deserve?

  • Nathaniel

    Let hogan go and sign a couple of people who can go in the ring MVP carlito John Morrison bobby lashley Chris masters shelton Benjamin etc

  • WrestlingFan4Life

    I say let him go back to the WWE. Then TNA can take the money they were paying him and divvy it up between the talent that is actually WORKING and not have to have people take pay cuts. While we’re at it, let’s get rid of Eric Bischoff and Dixie Carter. More money freed up. TNA was better off when the Jarretts were running things.