Update On John Laurinaitis' Job Status In WWE

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WWE has removed the profile of John Laurinaitis as Executive Vice President of Talent Relations from their corporate website. The last I heard he was still in a position of management but Triple H has been trying to push him out of his role, feeling he hasn't done a good job in the position.

Hunter and Stephanie McMahon do not have a good relationship with Laurinaitis, however, Vince McMahon supports him and really likes his on-air character. I've heard for months it was likely that Laurinaitis could end up an on-air character only and it appears that his responsibilities have gone to Triple H.

3:48 PM EDT Update - I can confirm that Hunter is now running talent relations in WWE which is a big step but one that was expected.

  • Laura

    Please let this be for real!! If there is a God!!! I don't want that fat, useless idiot on TV anymore. I never wanted him on TV to begin with!

  • smithmiester

    Way to take a guys job

    • Blaze

      He was doing a bad job. Its his fault bro.

  • biggdaddyt2012

    man that’s cold. maybe good ok J.R. should had kept that position

  • RM

    Definitely. Laurinaitis even has a "Jerk of the Month" article coming up in the July issue of WWE Magazine.

  • H.M.


  • Kabir


  • Autista

    CENA sucks!

  • mattz525

    Don’t get excited folks, it didn’t say anything about pulling him off TV. “Vince likes his on air character”. Laurenitis isn’t going anywhere.

  • Judy

    I hope he is fired on the air.And give Teddy Long his friday night Smackdown job back please——.

  • jdl

    Cold, but necessary. Laurinatis has not done a very good job as the TR VP. Look at how many people they've lost over the years due to his inability to keep them happy. I'm sure once he's finished with his role on TV, they'll find a new slot for him.

  • Christ 4 Life

    Farewell Laringitis, farewell. You WILL NOT be missed!

    • Please get rid of John he sucks don’t think he’s good for the WWE. Bring Teddy Long back. Would love to see Triple HHH wrestle again. Wake up Vince fan power no one cares for him in the wrestling business!!!!!!

  • bettysteve

    laringitis vs lesner people power

  • robert

    i like johnny ace on air character, kinda completely full of water vince mcmahon (completely watered down), but he couldn't do much with talent idk how much he does with developement or finding talent but it has showed in the wwe in 2009-2010 take hhh off tv and there was not much left, i don't count Cena. or care about Orton, but if you're responsible for wrestlers and you have none (except, punk and Bryan this year) as far as watchable wrestlers, you have to go.

  • Levi Aldebol

    It's become clear Johnny Ace has worn out his welcome in WWE. The fact he is SmackDown GM in name only shows that. My hope is Teddy Long will get his job back, and the former flagbearer for the New Zealand Sheepherders (a.k.a. The Bushwhackers) is shown the door (the one marked "EXIT"). He sucked as a wrestler, and he sucks now. Raw would have been better off with Vicki Guererro as GM. At least people love to hate her.

    And remember some of those people were people they lost were FIRED by Laurenaitis. Harry (David Hart) Smith, Luke Gallows, Colt Cabana, Serena Deeb, et al.

    • XKonn247

      He isn’t SmackDown GM.

  • Ellen Brennan

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Too good to be true. Yeah Hunter!

  • Kevin

    It's too bad Vince likes Big Johnny's on-air character. I think Vince is one of maybe 10 people who like him. I personally hope HHH can find a way to be rid of him completely. John Laurinitis is so untalented it isn't even funny anymore. He has no mic skills, he can't wrestle. The 2 biggest talents a person in this business needs, and he can't pull off either one. He should have been fired (for real) a long time ago.

    • monty

      hire JR back for this because he knew how to handle this position. HHH has made a smart move big johnny's days are numbered even as an on air character

  • Fred

    Laurenaitis has no leadership ethics,he is self centered.he was out to take out all the wwe super stars and build some set of loyal bully’s for himself that would have made ship wreck of wwe that has taken years to build.
    If he is not fired,he should not appear on TV anymore.he will never be missed. Big John is too inexperience for TV roles.