Update On Rob Van Dam's Future In TNA Impact Wrestling & The Possibility Of A WWE Return

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I received a tip overnight that a source close to Rob Van Dam is claiming his contract with TNA Impact Wrestling expires in March 2013, not March of this year as I previously reported. Because the tipster isn't a normal source of mine, I checked around and here's what I found out.

I'm told it's likely that RVD's TNA contract includes an option for another year and he doesn't want people in TNA knowing that he's considering a move in case he cannot agree to terms with WWE. This is obviously a ploy to get the best possible deal as RVD does have a nice contract in TNA that pays well without a tremendous amount of work required.

At any rate, I'm assured RVD is frustrated and considering his options.

  • Bault16

    Is he actually open to working the WWE schedule?

    • sforester

      Honestly, I can't see RVD to WWE working out, and it's not because of his love for weed. As you said it, the WWE schedule isn't exactly something RVD is used to anymore. He's done a lot of damage to his body and mind over the years with his antics, so he's definitely not able to work under that strenuous a schedule. Personally the guy needs to hang up the boots before he puts himself in a wheelchair.

      Besides… RVD's gimmick in WWE's PG setting? Not a chance.

      • Gesusoliver

        For all the reasons you said are the exact reason why he shouldn't go back. As well as really does RVD have a place anymore in the WWE? I dont see him wrestling the WWE schedule for another 5 years. Most kids don't even remember him. It will be hard for his gimmick to go over in the PG setting being as it was hard to get over originally. The man could flat out work and thats why he got over. He was the mold for ECW. His health coupled with the fact kids now adays who are E fans don't know what good wrestling is. RVD is best off behind the scenes via it be TNA/IW or WWE. Hanging them up while he still has the body to support him when he is 60 is more htan enough reason to quit.

  • LeftyTosser

    For more than one reason I hope RVD gets to go wherever he wants. 1.) He is not doing anything but just hanging out in TNA. 2.) Physically he cannot put on the matches he did even 5 years ago. There is too much damage done to his body to perform at a high level. 3.) If he wants to go back and be a stoog for VKM knowing that no other performer has gone from TNA and been anything in WWE, then go ahead. 4.) The drug testing along will possible save his health for a while longer.

  • lbp365

    Unless TNA create the American title there’s no buzz for RVD so he should go.