Update On Rob Van Dam's TNA Contract - Expires In March

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In an update to today's Ask WNW, I've learned that Rob Van Dam's contract with TNA Impact Wrestling expires in March.

As I reported in November, RVD has grown frustrated in TNA and was exploring his options regarding a possible WWE return.

  • ted

    of course, rvd is frustrated in tna. he performs most of the time in a soundstage in front of 1,000 non paying tourists. the biggest show of the year featuring has been hogan and middle aged sting sells less than 3,000 tickets and draws less than 25,000 ppv buys.

    hogan and bischoff are old now and they don't have ted turner and time warner's networks to carry them around in their pockets.

    • Van

      plus RVD hasn't even been used right since he came to the company.he got one lousy title run that didn't even last that long.plus TNA will probably be out of business in around 10 years causing all of the wrestlers in the company to choose 1 of 2 decisions: _1.retire from wrestling and go through with a plan they thought of in case wrestling didn't work out for them or decided to want to stop wrestling_2.go to another wrestling company such as WWE or ROH

  • havoc525

    I wonder why nobody attempts a buyout on their contracts, that’s always baffled me. You KNOW RVD has made a ton of money, he should easily be able to buy his deal in TNA out.

    • GODSENT83

      Our simply ask for his release like many do

    • John Ebert

      WWE has tried to buy TNA before. If WWE cant buy TNA, then the only people that can would be some one like Bill Gates or Donald Trump

      • ray

        Its not a matter of not being able to "afford " it, the price for what you get is the problem. Why should WWE pay out the nose(which is probalby what Dixie, Hogan, and Bischoff would want) when thay can sit back and let it self implode, then pick it up for a song, much like they did WCW.

  • wnwdotcom2

    Probably the quickest way to make this work if RVD really wants out is to let it expire then negotiate with WWE.

  • Vic

    lol at RVD getting upset that he's not in the spotlight. Isn't that what's wrong with TNA right now? 40 somethings main eventing? Why can't some people get their own heads out of their asses and learn how to put over a new, younger generation.

    • Frenchfry

      As long as hes still in good shape and doesnt wrestle like an old man, hes still in what should be considered the prime of his career. he deserves to be doing more than he is

    • The Criddler

      theres a huge difference when talking about RVD…i'd say he hasnt missed a beat still. Older Guys in that company are in their late 40s and 50s….Rob is 42 and the way he stayed in shape hes more like 32.

      • LeftyTosser

        Criddler, I know you are kidding. Watch any ECW videos of him and watch him now. He is less of himself than most folks realize. Still enjoy watching him, but now days it's the same old moves in every match and none of his more exciting moves. Age is not being kind to him. Hate to see him squashed in WWE as we all know VKM would do, but if that's his choice then let him go. It won't help WWE and it won't hurt TNA.

  • Robert

    RVD should go back to WWE & Hogan & Bischoff should RETIRE already !!!!!!

    • wucifer

      Are you sure you don’t mean March 2013? I talked to someone close to RVD once I read this and they said he had well over a year left with TNA and wouldn’t do a WWE schedule again. He doesn’t need the money

      • Matt Scott

        No you didn’t.

  • Rick

    I am a big TNA & ECW fan but I am sad to say RVDs tenure with TNA has been very disappointing. He has never looked as good as he did with ECW/WWE. He’s very slow and rugged, nothing like he used to. I say let him leave if he wants to, the crowds aren’t getting that extra added value from him.

  • BadGas

    Still think even if WWE takes him, he won't be doing much.. and then there is the wellness program..

  • akra

    I think rvd is still awesome. If he goes back to wwe which is most unlikely he should get to be world champ.