Update On Shane McMahon, Inks Deal With Disney

Shane McMahon has facilitated a deal for YOU On Demand Holdings with Walt Disney Company to distribute video-on-demand Disney movies in China. You can read the full story by Reuters at this link.

  • George

    Please Come back Shane. WWE needs you now more than ever.

  • Dave Barton

    How nice. Now making bootlegs in China will be even easier.

  • BollyMexCPhT

    He is having a lot of success. Good for him.


    Sounds like life after wwe has been good for him lol

  • Mike

    Well, being a McMahon, he has plenty of experience distributing cartoon entertainment.

    (Sorry, couldn't resist…)

  • Ricky Valdez

    If i was Vince McMahon son I would have not left the wwe empire, he only knows why he left, maybe it was the return of Bret hart, after what Bret did to McMahon spitting on him and knocking him out, maybe Shane did not like the idea of Bret returning, who knows.

  • Kleck

    Good for Shane. Love to see success wherever one can find it

  • cristina

    Shane McMahon inked a deal with Disney? Hmmm I'm trying to picture Mickey Mouse in wrestling gear lol! In this corner Mickey Mouse, and in this corner Cruella De'ville LMAO!! Just kidding!
    No I am really glad Shane is finding success outside of wrestling. He's obviously got Vince's knack for business, but I still want to know WHY Shane left a billion dollar empire that could've been his one day. Either he needed his independance, or he had a major family-fallout. Either way I think his answer would be interesting. I also wonder what Vince felt when his heir renounced his claim to the throne? I've always heard Vince doesn't take rejection or defiance too well. I do think that WWE will be fine when Trips and Steph take over, but Shane would've been helpful too.