Update On Stephanie McMahon No Longer Running WWE Creative

WWE is circulating a statement that reads the creative team now reports to Triple H. While I'm sure this is the case, Vince McMahon took back the reigns as the head of creative back in October.

At the time, WWE wanted to keep the fact that Stephanie McMahon was no longer running creative out of the public eye because they didn't want to paint her in a negative light. Stephanie was receptive of stepping down as head of creative as the job was stressful, time consuming and resulted in her having to shoulder a tremendous amount of blame.

You can read our original article from October 28, 2013 at this link. You can read details on Stephanie's promotion at this link.

  • Patrick

    what’s the matter Steph can’t handle the blame when things go wrong? is she that delicate that she falls apart if looked at in a negative light?

    if she can’t handle being critized then she shouldn’t be leading a company when Vince is no longer around.

    • Scott Davies

      I have heard interviews from former writers the way. Vince treats Stephanie in creative meetings & from what I hear it is not pretty.

    • Nostaljack

      It’s a time-consuming job and she has children. That’s likely got more to do with it than anything else. She’s said as much previously.

  • Lebron James

    I hope Hunter has the balls to put some great storylines through. Maybe he can be the difference. He’s from an Era of greatness, maybe he can bring a portion of that back.

    • Patrick

      He also respects the eras before him so that will help.