Update On Sting's TNA Impact Wrestling Contract Status

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Dixie Carter's Tweet on Thursday that Sting has signed a new talent contract was for storyline purposes due to him no longer being the Impact Wrestling General Manager. Sting's current TNA contract is actually up at the end of the year.

  • Crane

    plz stinger, one wwe match! at wm 30 against the undertaker. thats what i want to see…

    • chris camu

      yes sting please sign a contract with wwe and challege undetaker, im your biggest fans in the philippines

  • Lefty Tosser

    Why would Sting want to go to WWE? He has the perfect schedule, decent pay and doesn't have to worry about VKM screwing up his legacy. VKM would never let Sting win over Undertaker, Hunter or any other WWE home growns. Why waste the time?

  • Darla

    I agree with you Lefty. Sting has worked hard for decades and he does not deserve to have his legacy trashed at the hands of Vince McMahon. There is no doubt in my mind that that's what would happen, and personally I am not ready to see Sting jobbing to the Undertaker in the Montreal Screwjob Part II. Sting could retire tomorrow if he wanted to – he does NOT need the money. He enjoys what he does, gets a family-friendly schedule that he likes, and (he knows) he is one of the few people in this business who can make a difference in Dixie's company. I believe that he wants to see this company on its feet and doing well before he leaves this business, and I feel like he considers that a big part of his legacy.

  • keysto07

    Well why goto the wwe? Because Vince owns most of his televised career. Might be a good idea to be in good standings with Vince, ask Bret Hart.

    • Darla

      You're right, Vince does own most of his televised career. But Sting seems no worse the wear for that, and frankly it's not worth making a deal with the devil to sell a few DVD's. I lost what little respect I had for Vince when this year's HOF fame inductees were announced. I have no idea how he can look real wrestling fans in the face and induct a criminal like Mike Tyson into the HOF while snubbing Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth. Are you kidding me? VKM is STILLLLLL holding a petty grudge against Randy, and he's dead. IMO all that does is cheapen the HOF and basically show it to be nothing more than a rich man's plaything rather than the legitimate honor that it deserves to be. Shame on Vince. Hats off to Sting – I hope he never bows to that egomaniac.

      • Razmos01

        Its because Edge was inducted this year along with other big names, savage wouldnt of got the induction he deserves in this years HOF, savage will get a shawn michaels type induction, vince put savage in a wwe game which shows he isnt holding a grudge, vince aired a memorial to savage, if he had held a grudge that wouldnt of happened!!

  • Dojo

    However much I would LOVE to see Sting in the WWE, it ain’t gonna happen 🙁 The best chance WWE ever had of landing him was when they purchased WCW & it did not happen…….. I personally feel that he NEEDS to come to the WWE, not because of financial needs but to perform at the very highest level……. I know peeps are going to say there are high level workers in TNA (I agree) BUT the staging, atmosphere & huge exposure to a more main stream audience would cement his place in history & a deserved place in the HOF!!!!