Update On The Announcers Situation For WWE Night Of Champions

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WWE reached out to John "Bradshaw" Layfield about filling in for Jerry Lawler at tonight's Night of Champions pay-per-view. I haven't heard if they agreed on a deal but Jim Ross is also in Boston.

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  • Matt

    JBL would be amazing. As of now, I'm still on the fence with ordering the PPV, however, JBL is one of the best! JR would be cool, too but JBL is more of a rarity.

  • Christ 4 Life

    I hope good 'ol JR will be there!

  • Owen

    If Cole & JR are indeed calling the show together, I sincerely hope that there is no bickering.

  • Doubt JBL will do it. From his Twitter, he's in New York.

    • StephenSnel23

      Yeah and? It wouldn’t take that long to get to Boston from NY.

  • amaanakter786

    I hope JR is calling the show i just hope Vince does not hear that this has been leaked and takes it out on JR and puts Josh Matthews on the show no disrespect to Matthews he’s no JR

  • Ray

    NOC results will be CM Punk will keep the tittle, DB and Kane will win the Tag champ belts, Anything else is Raw & Smackdown material.

    • dostrice

      and that will change because vkm likes to read the dirtsheets just to see if people will spoil the ppv matches.

      thanks ray.

  • Patrick Peralta

    I would like JR to announce for the PPV…..but I don't want to hear Cole being a heel tonight I want to see him play it straight…if he does his over the top heel character then that is just wrong… it will ruin Night of Champions…

  • Patrick Peralta

    stupid computer. I hope JR announces tonight and Cole does not do his over the top heel character…

  • Spike westpha

    Jr Michael cole and jbl should make a awsome combo

  • Jashaun

    How about all three

    • Blake

      Yes yes yes

  • John

    JR & Michael Cole are both play-by-play announcers so there obviously not going to call the show together. There has to be a color-commentator, hence why JBL has been approached.

    • amaanakter786

      JR does colour aswell remember his stint on smackdown?

  • PhilT81

    Michael Cole is capable of working as colour commentator – it’d be nice to have JBL though. Josh Matthews is perfectly capable – and there is always Regal or Striker so they’re hardly out of options.

  • AntGilroy

    I hope Kane and DB lose then they turn on each other and it gives it more material for them moving forward and let them win at next ppv..this way they have to grow more together.. Making them
    Win it now makes little sense cuz then what?

  • Joe

    Jerry lawler Announced on his twitter the wrestling god will be doing commentary today for NOC

  • Longtime Fan

    JBL confirmed for commentary 2night. Cool.