Update On The Great Khali's Surgery: Expected To Be Released From Hospital By Monday; Whether WWE Could Be Held Liable For Failing To Address Conditions Such As Acromegaly

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ABC News recently posted an article providing more information on The Great Khali's recent surgery to have a tumor removed. The article explains the potential risks of Khali's acromegaly, WWE's wellness policy, and more. Khali is reportedly recovering well, and is expected to be released from the Universary of Pittsburgh Medical Center as early as Monday.

In addition, the article explains that WWE could potentially be in legal trouble for failing to address conditions such as acromegaly in its performers (as performers such as Andre The Giant have reaped size-related benefits from acromegaly), but notes that WWE's legal team is notoriously effective. The article continues in the excerpt below:

Dr. Bryan Donohue, a UPMC cardoiologist and WWE's cardiovascular consultant since 2008, said in his experience, WWE has never put commercial interests above the health of its performers, adding that many WWE executives are former wrestlers.

"The narrative is obvious, that the interests of WWE are antithetical to those of the talent, but I've found that they've been very responsive to things I've asked them to do," Donohue said. "I've never experienced any pushback on any issue."

While Donohue said he could not comment on Singh's case, he said the decision to operate on a pituitary tumor does not follow reflexively from a diagnosis of acromegaly. The timing, especially for adults, can be influenced by a range of factors.

Braunstein, the Cedars-Sinai endocrinologist, said he has seen several acromegalic patients who have refused surgery and even a growth hormone-reducing medication in hopes of preserving their gigantism. When he tells them that acromegaly shortens life expectancy, they often "shop around for other doctors," he said.

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    Khalil’s here to check your prostate

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    Lets see here. A mainstream website covering a WWE topic. Of course they are going to find something to accuse WWE of.

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    Would love to se Khali turn “highflyer” :)!

  • Chris

    What, so Khali didn't know he had acromegaly before he came to WWE?? WWE picked him up because he's such a great wrestler?? Khali is twice the size of everyone in his family just by coincedence?? C'mon…

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    Khali is rubbish release him waste of space

  • Kevin

    The acromegaly actually explains Khali's lack of wrestling ability. His body grew too fast, and he never learned a great deal of coordination. He's too big for his own good.