Update On The Leader Of Aces & 8s

Devon is not the leader of the Aces & 8s faction despite what many may believe following TNA Bound for Glory. The original plan was for Bully Ray to turn on Sting and be revealed the leader, only to setup a title feud against Jeff Hardy.

I haven't heard if TNA still plans turning Bully Ray as the leader but can confirm the faction is not being headed up by Devon.

  • Bigdaddychuck

    Richard maybe they saw your post and changed plans??? What do u think?

    • themcdangler

      So what is he then?

    • Behind the scenes

      Doubt that, how many posts have been made of lack of viewship…and they still don’t listen. Dixie has and will continue to listen to the voices in her head(which is hogan) and not listen to the marks of the world.

    • jdl

      Of course not. One website is not that influential.

      • Guy Landau

        Really? Because I remember a couple of cases where that was not the case. Off the top of my head – the return of MEM that never happened because WNW leaked it.

  • jdl

    Here's hoping they don't. It's bad enough Devon is involved, and it's fairly clear that the guy speaking with the distorted voice is Bischoff. Whether they used him because he was on hand, or they intend to reveal him as the leader of A&8s as a way to get him back on TV, I don't know, but this storyline has gone on far too long. I don't even remember when it started anymore, but it's been at least three to four months and we just learned who the first recognizable member is. That's a little pathetic.

    • Phill

      A lengthy storyline build is…pathetic? Man, I don't get some wrestling fans. I' love any storyline that slowly reveals instead of instant gratification. That way, when something finally happens you have a connection to the characters and the storyline. As for Devon, it was a great swerve and I marked out! Everyone in the internet world thought he'd left the company – and I'll be tuning in thursday to see where it goes. Better than the predictable outcome of Jeff Jarrett, Bischoff or Bully.

      Bound For Glory was a stacked PPV with mostly long standing feuds – I felt invested as a fan.

  • Jc1976

    Jeff Jarrett?

  • Wate Incy

    haha this whole time (well past couple weeks now) i had a feeling bull ray was going to be revealed as the leader…and a sketchy feeling he might turn on sting…but either way im game for a Bubba & Devon connection for the ages under ALMOST ANY terms haha

  • Logan_Walker

    The leader is Richard Gray!

  • Ronald

    Why does Jeff Jarrett's name keep coming up?

  • Patrick Peralta

    no matter if Devon is the leader or Bully Ray later doesn't matter to me the whole Aces and Eights is boring.

  • Enforcer

    That is one awesome picture of Devon! Lol

  • chris

    what piss me off if this waz WWE doing this aces and Eights storyline that whole internet Wresting World would be saying how dam good of a Stroyline it is but where it's tna's it sucks. so to that get a Dam Life. and for the one's that say TNA takes wwe Rejects. news Flasg WWe took other Companys rejects too aka Triple H and UNdertaker and Steve Austin being the biggest 3 Names

    • trer

      add jericho to that list

      • Guzzie1984

        Jericho wasnt a reject at WCW he came after they were bought by Vince, as did show, eddie, rey etc etc etc

        • AceV

          Jericho came before then…

        • tex

          Big Show was called ” The Giant ” in WCW. Rey Misterio was als in WCW before the buy out. Eddie was also in WCW before WWE.

    • Andrew Ace

      WWE did do that the aces and 8’s storyline…… Remember nexus. Just add masks and there you go


      i did not understand a word of that…

  • Satan


  • Louis

    The storyline will fail because before u have a corporate take over u must first act like a corporation and TNA have not done that. People know this thats why it’s not going to work. Now bring in a fake new owner, get rid of tv title replace with the American title hilite it with James Storm make Bobby Rhode more international,and play up Austin Aries as the next CM Punk and AJ as the next sting and u may have a show

    • Guy Landau

      I think those ideas aren't as good as you think they are on a broader perspective.

  • Kevin

    I actually expected Bully Ray to turn on Sting and be revealed as a member of the Aces and Eights faction, if not its leader. When that didn't happen, I was shocked. I will say that TNA did an excellent job of selling the "Devon is gone from TNA" storyline, as I fell for it hook, line, and sinker. I was devastated when I read that Devon was gone. I couldn't believe that TNA let him get away. That was played beautifully.

  • Clinton

    I love this storyline, but I’m telling you now I think the leader is Joseph Parks/Abyss. And Garret Bichoff is also involved. He’ll be the next reveal. The leader is built exactly like Parks. So that’s what I think. I really hope its not Bully, and I hope Bully turns Devon and there is a Team 3D reunion.