Update On The WWE Departure Of Eden Stiles

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Eden Stiles posted the following on Twitter when questioned about her release:

While I'm not sure what all is out there, Stiles is "blaming the dirt sheets" for getting the details of her WWE departure wrong. As I reported earlier this week, Stiles requested her release late last month and it was processed. She worked her final show on Tuesday night in Richmond, Virginia.

  • xosilverecho

    She needs to stop bragging about her relationship with Cody. Bet that one isn't going to last too long.

  • Wrestle4life

    I dont even know who she is 😛
    One guy sad big dady Vs x?

  • HPK

    Eden Stiles ??? Who is She ???

    • Alex

      From what I heard she's the ring announcer for NXT & Superstars.

  • Miguel_Z

    Who? I have no clue who she is

  • Alex

    This is WWE's big problem in always hiring models instead of wrestlers, every single one of them just uses the WWE as a stepping stone to move on to something better. Acting, singing, you name it. So to WWE it's a double edge sword. These are the type of women they want but they will never stick around as long. Now I don't see Beth & Natalia saying they leaving WWE to go act.

  • MonstaHeel 450

    To quote Goldberg to Crimson: "Uh….. who are you again?"