Update On TNA's Lawsuit Against WWE - Temporary Injunction Hearing Set

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A temporary injunction hearing has been set for July 12, 2012 at 9:30 AM after today's status conference in Davidson County Chancery Court in regards to TNA's contract tampering lawsuit filed against WWE and former office employee Brian Wittenstein.

Until then, WWE and Wittenstein must continue to comply with the temporary restraining order issued on May 24th that they will not destroy the confidential information TNA is claiming was obtained.

  • Jessie Skys

    WWE & TNA both suck!

    • Blake

      Than why are u responding to this and why do you have this app

      • Logan_Walker

        He Might Not Be Using the App he might be on there website on his computer

  • Ricky Valdez

    I think tna is waisting there time suing wwe. So what if there was a spy relaying info back to wwe like info on tna active wrestlers, if tna wrestlers were asked about there contracts and they would actually give info back about there contracts then it’s the fault of tna wrestlers for giving information about there contracts. I don’t think wwe did anything wrong. Tna needs to just move on and not mess with a giant.

    • Mike

      I agree.TNA will lose it's ass if they continue on with this.Even if they have solid evidence,the WWE has a fierce legal team that will rip them to shreds.Dixie and Co. should just drop it and walk away with their dignity still intact.

    • Dangerous Lee

      Yea, because people who have lots of money should not be challenged….even if you have solid evidence, they have lots of money so they must be right. Everyone bow down to the giant….

  • Darl

    Thank you Dangerous Lee. Finally someone on this site agrees with me. I really hope that justice prevails in this case, instead of cold hard cash. WWE always makes a big deal about how TNA is no competition to them, but if they are in fact guilty of this contract tampering charge, then what does that really show about WWE's opinion of TNA? It would appear that Goliath is more scared of David than anyone ever guessed, regardless of how much more money they have.

    • Dangerous Lee

      Well said.