Update On Triple H Following The Angle On This Week's WWE Raw

Triple H is not suffering from a legitimate injury and the ending of WWE Monday Night Raw was completely scripted. While I haven't heard where they plan on going with the angle, the belief is it's some type of concussion angle where his family will try and convince him not to wrestle again.  You can view footage of Hunter after Raw went off the air here on dot com.

I speculated in Ask WNW that Hunter would be off TV following Extreme Rules, however, he clearly stayed on to further the angle and work Curtis Axel's debut.

Axel has a lot of support backstage and WWE is hopeful he catches on quickly.

  • Patrick

    sounds like they are re-doing the HBK angle from the mid 90’s when he collapsed in the ring during his match with Owen. which was based off the real attack outside a bar on HBK by a bunch of guys. if I remember correctly.

    • Win

      It also seems as though they’re using the same tactics by combing Hennig’s Father and grandfathers name, that they used to come up with Rocky Maivia. Not a coincidence seeing that Curtis Axel is one of Rock’s workout partners.

  • Michael

    It would’ve been better had they had Axel do more moves on Hunter that caused him to pass out in the ring and allowed Axel to force the ref to count and pick up the biggest win in his career.

  • I was just mentioning the HBK concussion angle yesterday as one of those great kayfabe injury angles.

  • f_caus

    Wow. Even when losing, Triple H manages to bury young talent and keeps the spotlight on himself. Just wow.

    • Nostaljack

      I get why you say that but that doesn’t have to happen here. Depending on what happens here, Axel can claim responsibility for whatever condition Triple H is in – be he concussed, injured in some other way, or not able to wrestle anymore (fat chance of that one). I think if it’s done right, Axel is off to a great start.