Update On Wrestlemania XXIX Plans - Where Vince McMahon Is Currently Leaning For The Show's Main Event, Details On The New Possible Challenger For The Undertaker's "Streak," A Major Former Star WWE Is Interested In Bringing Back, Two Top Stars Currently Without Opponents That Could Face Each Other

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Vince McMahon is still going back and forth on plans for next year's Wrestlemania XXIX. I'm told Vince is still set on John Cena facing The Rock for the WWE Championship and doing The Undertaker vs. Brock Lesnar for "the streak."

As of today, Triple H doesn't have an opponent but the company is still interested in Batista who could return and face Hunter. Another odd man out is the current WWE Champion CM Punk who could do another match with Hunter should things with Batista not work out.

The plans are very preliminary and there won't be a year-long build for the main event like there was for The Rock vs. John Cena this year but things are still heavily in the works.

  • Drifter

    After billing Cena/Rock as a once in a lifetime match, wouldn’t having Cena/Rock II seem a lot less important? Even if it was for the WWE title?

    Give CM Punk and Daniel Bryan 30-40 minutes and let them tear the place down. Don’t subject us to another two months of ‘Skinny fat ass’ replays again, please.

    • Evon Reese

      I wouldn't pay all that money for Pink versus Bryan at a Wrestlemania match.

  • Robbie

    I take it the SCSA vs Punk plans has fell flat

  • PainOfDemise

    I'm still in hopes for an Austin vs. Punk match. Hopefully they are too, that's why Punk doesn't have an opponent for him yet.

  • Daarko

    To me personally, Cena vs Rock was one big disappointment from an in ring perspective. I would really see them step up their game for a rematch and not just rely on the name value of the two. As for everything else, it sounds great.

  • dustin

    wasn't stone cold still a possible opponent for punk at mania or is that still being considered

  • Lin

    What? No! Cena can't have the WWE championship, he has hogged it enough already.

  • smithmiester

    He hasn’t been wwe champ in ages so I don’t think he’s been “hogging it”. Would not like to see cena rock 2 or triple h v batista for that matter

  • proud

    Nothing yet for Orton yet, I wonder why but please no Batista

  • Patrick_Peralta

    Brock Vs Undertaker is not what I want to see at Mania

  • Kerri

    I truly don't want to see another Triple H match at WM, but if there is going to be one- I'm more than fine with it being Batista- mainly because the winner isn't a younger wrestler that would need the rub from the win & it's not like the lose would truly hurt either of their careers in the long run,

    Triple H vs Punk-NO!!! If this match does happen, there is already 1 major issue: Triple H has lost his last 2 WM matches, and I just feel that he wouldn't let his ego out of the way and lose at 3 WMs. I mean, what exactly does Hunter, of all people, gain? He wins against someone whose star power could be damaged in some people's eyes, regardless if it's Punk or not, by losing to the guy who's closer to his retirement than his last title run. Having a win against the like's of Batista or older returning wrestler works a lot better for all (including fans) involved if Triple H feels the need to win at WM.

    • bejealous

      Triple H has lost 4 WM matches in a row at one point: WM20 vs HBK & Benoit, WM21 vs Batista, WM22 vs Cena, & WM24 vs Orton & Cena. He’s only won 2 WM matches in the last 8+ years

  • buddah5050

    Why would they do Cena Rock again??? Rock wrestles twice in ten years and both matches are agains Cena??? That doesn’t make any sense!!!

  • Evon Reese

    They owe it to Cena. Rocks ego wouldn't let him pass the torch.thats why at the last minute Rock bought the win because his movie sponsored Wrestlemania . It was written for the torch to be passed. Rocks little song insulting Cenas wife was pathetic and I truly believe he knew their marriage was in trouble. He's such a jerk. I want to see a rematch. And it is Punk who has been turned into a superhuman never loosing not Cena. If the fans were to start chanting Punk sucks some of you on here would faint. But it's ok he would just scream back to drink bleach or go die. He doesn't handle ctitisism as well as Cena.

    • Big D

      Gulpin' down the mark punch, are ya?

    • James

      WOW! you are so far removed from reality, its funny. If you think Cena has more talent than Punk, you seriously have no idea.

      • Evon Reese

        You have your opinion and I have mine. There's no reason to be hateful.it is of my personal opinion that I would rather see Cena than Punk any day of the week

  • Please…….

    The Rock v. Randy Orton
    Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar
    The Rattlesnake vs. CM Punk
    Cena v. Taker "I Quit" match.
    Batista v. Sheamus
    Del Rio v. Daniel Bryan
    Ryback vs. Big Show
    Cody Rhodes v. Christian

  • Matt

    Whatever the plans are, WWE needs to build it in advance. No doubt that increased the amount of buys and interest in Wrestlemania. It's a good formula they had and the whole event was fantastic. Smart business