Update On Wrestlemania XXVIII Buys

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In something I've been watching very closely, ESPN's Gus Ramsey followed-up his claim that Wrestlemania XXVIII did 1.9 million buys with the following Tweet:

I've heard some numbers thrown around for the Wrestlemania 28 buyrate, all over 1 million, but none as high as what Ramsey posted.

  • Jason

    When will the official be known? It won't shock me if it is between 1.5 and 2 million.

  • monty

    that's great if true, because i have read many times richard saying WWE wants atleast 1 million so if the number is closer to 2 than wow.

    the show overall was good not great, too many matches had huge potential but were good at best

    its crazy the biggest pop was from a match which was part 3 at WM.

  • thatguy

    I really don't get why people took what the guy said and ran with it. He has no way of getting any sort of official numbers. That's kinda like richard randomly doing a post saying "Wrestlemania 28 does 45.4 million sales!"

    its like yea that's a nice guess though unless you are vince or the people doing the numbers. no one should take anything at heart

  • Andrew

    It was an ok mania but every match was FAR too predictable

    • Matt Scott

      If you claim you expected Rock to win you're either a liar or don't quite get the business.

    • Destruction

      So you thought Kane would beat Orton?

      Or Rocky go over Cena?

      Or Sheamus go over Bryan (ok, maybe you would've thought that, but an 18 second squash)?

    • Again I thought Cena would win I though Cody should of won and none too predictable AT ALL

  • PhilT81

    It would be a shame if it turned out to be just 1.09 million – or some other figure not far north of 1 million. 1.9 million would be phenomenol and really buck the trend of what has been seen as a dying PPV model. Royal Rumblw and Wrestlemania are the two shows I would move heaven and earth to ensure I watch live. Last year a couple of PPVs like Money In The Bank succeeded – here in the UK they’re in the middle of the night so it takes a little more commitment but they’re also either much cheaper (£14.95) or free. It wasn’t long ago that only the big four were charged and all of the rest were free. By ‘free’ I mean on a premium sports channel which costs about £20 per month but which any real sports fan would have. All TNA and UFC PPV’s are still free – UFC on a different premium sports channel, TNA on standard cable. I wouldn’t be surprised if UFC tests the water at some point to see how many PPV’s they can sell. Maybe of Bisping gets a title shot.

  • Chopper

    WM28 probably had a million buys in UK alone.

    • Jaryd

      I don't know how many of them actually stepped up to buy it but a lot of my friends who live here in UK, none of which are wrestling fans, were talking a lot about WrestleMania with me when they normally wouldn't be interested in talking about wrestling at all.

  • Andrew

    i expected Cody to win, Orton to beat Kane and Cena to beat Rock, only one i was unhappy bout was Big Show winning