Update On WWE Network Programming

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WWE has announced the following original shows for the forthcoming WWE Network:

  • WWE Countdown
  • WWE Divas Tour Bus
  • WWE The Monday Night War: Raw vs. Nitro
  • WWE Wrestlemania Rewind

There are still plans for another show outside of the WWE Network but full details not yet known as well as show in Spanish.

Another show originally slated for the WWE Network is WWE Legends House which wrapped filming in California earlier this month.  It is expected to air on SyFy with the delay of the WWE Network.  The last I heard the proposed premiere date was the middle of next month.


  • aly

    Will Legends House be airing in Canada?

  • Cena

    Man the wwe network needs to get launched immediately


    Cool so on the WWE NETWORK we get to watch WWE WRESTLEMANIA28:-}