Update On Original nWo Reunion On Monday Night Raw

Kevin Nash is set for this week's episode of Monday Night Raw and is currently en route to Portland, Oregon. He is expected to take part in the Hulk Hogan Birthday Bash.

WrestlingNewsWorld.com can confirm that Hulk Hogan has arrived in Portland.

Additionally, Scott Hall, who has teased a surprise appearance on this week's show since last week, is also expected.

Hall, Nash and Hogan are the original members of the new World order, largely seen as the most successful pro wrestling faction of all time.

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  • BIG M


  • Lebron James

    I will lose my sh!t if this happens. Love the NWO!

  • The Spinebuster

    Please let this happen this would be amazing

  • Roger

    I don’t think this was the original. If you want the original then go back to WCW and get all 75 members of the nWo.

  • Bob’s Diner

    Cool – now I know to avoid the show

  • Splat

    You guys can relive all the nWo’s moments right now for only $9.99!

  • csizemore86

    Jesus, when will WWE learn its lesson? Then again, they might just be teasing them coming back so TNA will sign them and immediately finish sinking the ship that is impact. Smart thinking Vince